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Bank of Hollywood

2009-2010 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Hollywood heavies and media moguls bestow big bucks to make dreams come true. Who's got what it takes to win 'em over?

Premiered on Network:
E! in US

Genres: Reality-TV

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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1x01 - Boy Wonder, Balloon Maker and a Big Request:
Today?s group of hopefuls include a ten year old tap dancing sensation, a man who makes amazing balloon animals, and a huge payout.
1x02 - Dancers, Determination and a Driving Disaster:
On this episode of Band of Hollywood, hopefuls include a group of extreme dancers, a woman who wants a car without even passing her driving test, and a determined mom of 50 kids.
1x03 - Gold Digger, Goal Seeker and Rock and Roll:
Today?s hopefuls include a man with an Olympic dream , a soccer player with a global goal and a female rocker
1x04 - Sashes, Soul Food and Smiles:
On this episode of Bank of Hollywood, our illustrious panel of celebrities is asked to give money to an aspiring beauty queen, singing sisters who cook soul food and a yogi.
1x05 - Tattoos, Tacklers and Tree House Dwellers:
This episode's hopefuls include a woman who wants to have tattoos removed, an all-female football team and a 39 year old man who lives in a tree house in his parent's backyard.
1x06 - Mullets, Models and Muppets:
The Power Panel is approached by hopefuls that include two men who want to open a mullet hair salon, a man and his puppet and a group of models that won't show their faces.
1x07 - Pirates, Paris and Parents-to-be:
On this episode of Bank of Hollywood, the Power Panel is approached by hopefuls that include a Paris Hilton wannabe, a group of pirates, and a gay couple who want to have a baby.
1x08 - Harleys, Hunks and Heavy-lifting:
The power panel is asked for money by a Harley riding daredevil in a wheelchair, an aspiring soap actress who is surprised by a soap hunk and a body building grandma.
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Guide available in: english