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Batman Beyond

1999-2001 Ended/Cancelled
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An elderly Bruce Wayne passes his cape and cowl to Terry McGinnis, a high school teen who locates the Batcave and discovers the millionaire's secret identity.

Premiered on Network:
WB (The Warner Bros.) in US

Genres: Action / Adventure / Animation / Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Language: english


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2x01 - Splicers:
Splicing, mixing animal DNA into one's genes for an appearance change, has become the latest teen rage. But the D.A. wants to outlaw it, claiming that tests show it causes a dangerous increase in aggressive behavior.
2x02 - Earth Mover:
A force capable of animating dirt into humanoid forms appears to have it in for one of Dana's friends and her adoptive father.
2x03 - Joyride:
The Jokerz hijack an experimental military vehicle and set out having "fun", not knowing that a design flaw in its reactor could cause it to blow up, taking half the city with it.
2x04 - Lost Soul:
An old AI is reawakened and proceeds to take over all of Gotham's computer systems.
2x05 - Hidden Agenda:
Max becomes the target of vicious pranks when she beats the leader of a Jokerz gang on a school test (the GATs). She decides to change the program that she was using to search for Batman's secret identity to search for Joker secret identities. When Terry's name shows up on the list, Max finds out about one of his little "secrets".
2x06 - Bloodsport:
An African hunter comes to Gotham to stalk the ultimate prey - Batman.
2x07 - Once Burned:
Melanie / Ten shows up again, forced back into the thieving business by the Jokerz, who are holding her family hostage.
2x08 - Hooked Up:
The Spellbinder returns, addicting teens to VR fantasies and forcing them to steal if they want more.
2x09 - Rats!:
Dana has a secret admirer, one who's determined to be there for her - no matter what she might think of the arrangement.
2x10 - Mind Games:
Terry receives a telepathic plea for help from a young girl, Tamara, who he encountered the day before. It turns out the girl has mental powers, and has been grabbed by a group of super-powered mentalist-types calling themselves the "Brain Trust". Tracking down the girl to her school, Terry defeats one of them, an obese telepath. Thanks to telepathic clues from the girl, he tracks them to the ship they are using to leave the country. With some help from Tamara, who has vast powers of illusion, he  [...] (More)
2x11 - Revenant:
Chelsea, Dana and a few friends hold a séance to summon the ghost of a student who died at the school. Much to their surprise, it seems like they're successful, as an invisible force starts tearing up the school.
2x12 - Babel:
Chaos grips Gotham, as Shriek sends disrupting soundwaves throughout the city, warping speech and sending animals into rabid frenzies.
2x13 - Terry's Friend Dates a Robot:
Terry's unpopular friend sees a way out his social problems when he's offered an illegal synthoid girlfriend. Trouble is, she's just a bit too devoted ...
2x14 - Eyewitness:
Batman is on the run from the law after Commissioner Barbara Gordon believes she witnessed Batman's involvement in the death of Mad Stan. Bruce works to uncover the truth of what really happened, as well as the involvement of the Spellbinder, before Batman's secret is exposed.
2x15 - Final Cut:
Curaré returns and kills the entire Society of Assassins - save one operative, who ends up seeking Batman for assistance in defeating her.
2x16 - The Last Resort:
An increasing number of parents are sending their kids away to an rehabilitation camp as punishment for misbehavior. When the reasons get more and more trivial, Terry starts to get suspicious ... and then Chelsea ends up in there.
2x17 - Armory:
A top weapons designer is fired and unable to find new work because of a industry recession. He ends up having to steal components and sell his prototypes on the black market to support his family's extravagant lifestyle.
2x18 - Sneak Peek:
An unscrupulous TV reporter is using a suit to become invisible and walk through walls in order to spy to get his stories. It's up to Batman to stop him before the suit makes him permanently intangible.
2x19 - The Eggbaby:
Terry's dual life once again gives him trouble, as he's stuck having to care for a robotic baby for Family Studies while Batman is needed to stop a gang of robbers on a crime spree.
2x20 - Zeta:
An infiltration synthoid, carrying a holographic emitter enabling it to mimic the appearance of anyone, is spotted at Terry's school. It was supposed to be tearing down a terrorist organization from within, but then it stopped following orders ...
2x21 - Plague:
Stalker returns, this time in the employ of the U.S. government. Batman reluctantly joins forces with him to hunt down a criminal named False Face, who has stolen a dangerous virus for a criminal organization known as KOBRA.
2x22 - April Moon:
A famed surgeon, Dr. Corso, is forced to mechanically enhance a gang of teenagers when they kidnap his wife and force him to do their bidding. They have Terry outmatched until he tracks down Corso. Corso has put in a voice-activated failsafe but doesn't want to reveal it and endanger his wife ... until he sees his wife April cavorting with the gang leader. Terry gets the keyword ("April Moon") and deactivates the cybernetic gizmos. The gang leader, Bullwhip, escapes but comes back to Corso for help  [...] (More)
2x23 - Sentries of the Last Cosmos:
A computer game designer uses his games to find kids he can trick into doing his dirty deeds.
2x24 - Payback:
After several of his friends join a group that talks about why they hate their parents and employers, Terry decides to see what all the commotion is about. After his first visit, a couple of the workers are injured by a mysterious warrior calling himself Payback. Can Batman find out who it is?
2x25 - Where's Terry?:
Batman's deadly enemy Shriek lures him into the underground railway system and traps him there.
2x26 - Ace in the Hole:
Call it SECRET ORIGINS: ACE. Ace goes missing after chasing after someone from his past. Bruce recalls how he first met Ace, while Terry's searching uncovers a sick underground sporting ring.
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