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Berkeley Square

1998-1998 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Three young women from very different backgrounds meet, become friends and share experiences when they all gain positions as nannies in the wealthy households of London's exclusive Berkeley Square.

Premiered on Network:
BBC-1 in UK

Genres: Drama / Mini

Language: english  Runtime: 50 mins


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1x01 - Pretty Maids All In A Row:
Lydia Weston, Hannah Randall and Matty Wickham arrive in Berkeley Square as nannies for their new employers. Lydia Weston is the young Devon farm girl, who has surprisingly been hired to replace the aging Nanny Collins, in the London house of the Earl and Countess of Lamson-Scribener. Hannah Randall arrives in London with her illegitimate baby, Billy, after she is forced to flee her Yorkshire village by angry locals. She is hired as a live-in nanny by the Hutchinsons, but must leave her infant son  [...] (More)
1x02 - Hide And Seek:
Hannah moves into the Hutchinson's on Berkeley Square and soon befriends her young charges, Bertie and baby Charlie. The Head Nanny, Mrs. Simmons, proves to be a hostile enemy and tries to find fault with Hannah at every turn. Hannah misses her own baby, but is unable to see him. The Countess has taken a shine to Lydia and insists she take baby Ivo to the park by herself. This does not please old Nanny Collins, but Lydia wins her over with the gift of an embroidered needle case. Matty is being  [...] (More)
1x03 - Ladybird, Ladybird:
Hannah narrowly foils the kidnapping of her son by his paternal grandmother. Lydia saves the day when she cooks a meal for a gathering of nobles. Nanny Collins is upset over the accolades which Lydia receives. Matty is strongly attracted to Mrs. McClusky's son, Ned, but she finds him difficult to understand.
1x04 - All On A Summer's Day:
The nannies go on a special picnic together.
1x05 - A Pocket Full Of Posies:
Hannah worries about her baby's safety when an epidemic of typhoid breaks out in his district of London. Lydia's crush on the Earl's teenage son, Hugh, creates more friction between her and Nanny Collins. Matty and Ned are slowly getting to know one another and finally take a walk in the park together.
1x06 - When The Bough Breaks:
When one of Hannah's charges dies, she replaces the infant with her own son. Matty and Ned are caught kissing by the police and Matty discovers that Ned is wanted for murder. Hugh has been attempting to molest Lydia and convinces her she should tell no one.
1x07 - Gone A' Hunting:
While Matty and Lydia attend a weekend shoot at the Earl's Devon country seat, Hannah accompanies Isabel to an afternoon luncheon. Matty is preoccupied with thoughts of Ned as has less time than usual for Tom, who ends up shooting his father. Ned takes a woman home from the pub, then doesn't want to go to bed with her. He realises he is in love with Matty.
1x08 - Who Killed Cock Robin?:
Hannah is happy caring for her own son in the Hutchinson's crib. She tells Matty she loves William. When Hugh threatens Lydia's family, she asks Nanny Collins for help. Matty tries to reconcile Tom and his father, while fighting her feelings for Ned.
1x09 - Wednesday's Child:
Ned must join the army to escape the clutches of the police. Matty enlists the aid of her brother to clear Ned's name. Lydia brings a soaking wet and distraught Nanny Collins home from a friend's funeral. The police discovery of the dead baby leads to the arrest of Mrs. Bronowski for murder.
1x10 - I, Said The Sparrow:
Despite Hannah's story to the police, Mrs. Bronowski is convicted and sentenced to death. Spurred on by Lydia, Nanny Collins confronts George over his estrangement with Hugh. Jack clears Ned's name, but his regiment is shipping out for Somaliland and he must bid a tearful Matty goodbye.
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