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Better Off Ted

2009-2010 Ended/Cancelled
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For the team at Veridian Technologies, no achievement is too far-fetched. Need a suicidal turkey? Done. Need a metal that's as hard as steel, but bounces – and is edible? Done and done. The head of the research and development department, Ted Crisp loves his job. He loves everything about it. He loves his super human boss, Veronica. He loves his colleagues, Lem, Phil and Linda. Especially Linda. But most of all, he loves what they do. Straddling the threshold between science and imagination, the R & D crew consistently turn the ridiculously impossible into the hilariously plausible. The only problem with Ted's job is that ethics are not a part of company policy. As Ted says, "Work's not a question of right or wrong. It's only about success or failure." Luckily Ted has his precocious daughter, Rose to set him straight. But what happens when you start to take a closer look at your seemingly perfect job? Why is the company trying to cryogenically freeze one of Ted's scientists? What's with the new itchy chairs? Who's been stealing all of the creamer? The new comedy from Emmy-Award nominated writer/producer, Victor Fresco (Mad About You, My Name is Earl) proves that it's not easy being a single father and a middle manager, but somebody's got to do it. After all, what would the world be without exploding pumpkins?
Main Cast
N/AAndrea Anders
as Linda [S 1-2]
N/AIsabella Acres
as Rose [S 1-2]
© Lifetime TelevisionJay Harrington
as Ted [S 1-2]
N/AJonathan Slavin
as Phil [S 1-2]
N/AMalcolm Barrett
as Lem [S 1-2]
Buy at Art.comPortia de Rossi
as Veronica [S 1-2]
Recurring Cast
Terry Rhoads as Chet [S 1-2] (7)
Maz Jobrani as Dr. Bhamba [S 1-2] (6)

Premiered on Network:

Also known as:
Better off Ted - Die Chaos AG
Scientificamente pazzi

Genres: Comedy

Language: english  Runtime: 30 mins

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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
14 2x01Love Blurts  PDWC  |edit 2009-12-08  Discuss episode! 
15 2x02The Lawyer, The Lemur and the Little Listener  PDWC  |edit 2009-12-15  Discuss episode! 
16 2x03Battle of the Bulbs  PDWC  |edit 2009-12-22  Discuss episode! 
17 2x04It's Nothing Business, It's Just Personal  PDWC  |edit 2009-12-29  Discuss episode! 
18 2x05The Great Repression  PDWC  |edit 2010-01-01  Discuss episode! 
19 2x06Beating a Dead Workforce  PDWC  |edit 2010-01-05  Discuss episode! 
20 2x07Change We Can't Believe In  PDWC  |edit 2010-01-05  Discuss episode! 
21 2x08The Impertence of Communicationizing  PDWC  |edit 2010-01-12  Discuss episode! 
22 2x09The Long and Winding High Road  PDWC  |edit 2010-01-12  Discuss episode! 
23 2x10Lust in Translation  PDWC  |edit 2010-01-19  Discuss episode! 
24 2x11Mess of a Salesman  PDWC  |edit 2010-01-26  Discuss episode! 
25 2x12It's My Party and I'll Lie if I Want To  PDWC  |edit(unknown) Discuss episode! 
26 2x13Swag the Dog  PDWC  |edit(unknown) 3 Comments 
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