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Big Day

2006-2007 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Weddings involve months and months of meticulous planning, from the venue to the dress, the caterer to the flowers. All of this care and attention to detail are over in a single day. Meet Danny and Alice. Big Day breaks down their wedding day in to 22 individual episodes chronicling every little thing that can an will go wrong.
Main Cast
N/AJosh Cooke
as Danny [S 1]
N/AKurt Fuller
as Steve [S 1]
Buy at Art.comMarla Sokoloff
as Alice [S 1]
N/AMiriam Shor
as Becca [S 1]
N/AStephen Rannazzisi
as Skobo [S 1]
N/AStephnie Weir
as Lorna [S 1]
© Lifetime TelevisionWendie Malick
as Jane [S 1]
Recurring Cast
Leslie Odom Jr. as Freddy [S 1] (8)
Terry Chen as Johnny [S 1] (7)
Stephen Tobolowsky as Garf [S 1] (5)

Premiered on Network:

Genres: Comedy

Language: english


ABC Doubles Up on 'Big Day'

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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
1x01Pilot  PDWC  |edit  2006-11-28  1 Comment 
1x02The World According to Garf  PDWC  |edit  2006-12-05  Discuss episode! 
1x03Skobo and Alice Hooked Up  PDWC  |edit  2006-12-12  Discuss episode! 
1x04The Bachelor Party  PDWC  |edit  2006-12-19  Discuss episode! 
1x05Stolen Vows  PDWC  |edit  2006-12-19  Discuss episode! 
1x06Alice Can't Dance  PDWC  |edit  2006-12-26  Discuss episode! 
1x07Boobzilla  PDWC  |edit  2006-12-26  Discuss episode! 
1x08War with the Neighbors  PDWC  |edit  2007-01-02  Discuss episode! 
1x09The Unstable Minister  PDWC  |edit  2007-01-02  Discuss episode! 
10 1x10Last Chance to Marry Jane  PDWC  |edit  2007-01-09  Discuss episode! 
11 1x11Magic Hour  PDWC  |edit  2007-01-09  Discuss episode! 
12 1x12The Ceremony  PDWC N|edit  2007-01-30  Discuss episode! 
13 1x13The $10,000 Gift  PDWC N|edit (unknown) Discuss episode! 
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