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Bill Oddie Back in the USA

2007-2007 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Whispering Bill Oddie returns to America where, in 1964, he played on the Broadway stage to rave reviews as part of the Cambridge Circus revue. This time, however, he's more concerned with the wildlife than the nightlife.

Premiered on Network:
BBC-2 in UK

Genres: Documentary

Language: english

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1x01 - New York:
Beginning in New York's Central Park, he swoons over raccoons, pays homage to hawks and coos over cockroaches. Right big ones. Binoculars in hand, he goes upstate to see swamp bunnies and reveals more than a passing interest in Jennifer Aniston.
1x02 - Florida:
Bill Oddie heads south on his wildlife tour of America with a visit to the Sunshine State where he paddles a kayak through 'gator filled swampland, befriends an armadillo at the roadside and dons flippers and snorkel to share a magical moment with a family of manatees, the Sirens of the sea.
1x03 - New England:
Bill Oddie continues his wildlife tour of America with a journey up the eastern seaboard and uncovers many links between the area and the UK. He starts in Massachusetts with a surprisingly close encounter with humpback whales, before heading north to Maine's great wilderness in search of the elusive and beguiling moose.
1x04 - Nebraska:
Bill Oddie makes himself at home where the buffalo roam and the chickens are decidedly funky, continuing his wildlife tour of America by crossing the Great Plains of Nebraska.
1x05 - Vancouver:
Bill Oddie continues his wildlife tour of North America with a visit to Vancouver Island, where he gets a spectacular view of a family of killer whales.
1x06 - Arizona:
Wild Bill dons a Stetson as his tour of the USA rolls west to Arizona for a showdown with venomous desert animals.
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Guide available in: english