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The Book of Daniel

2006-2006 Ended/Cancelled
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The show focuses on an Episcopalian minister and father Rev. Daniel Webster. He finds himself conversing with Jesus - his mentor and friend - who helps navigate family problems, church politics and even his nagging reliance on prescription painkillers.

Confirmed as canceled by NBC on 2006-01-24. Four episodes of the series remain unaired.

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Genres: Comedy / Drama

Language: english


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ArtistAlbumSong TitleStart/Stop Scene 
1x01 - Temptation:
(None known)     
1x02 - Forgiveness:
(None known)     
1x03 - Acceptance:
(None known)     
1x04 - Assignation:
(None known)     
1x05 - Withdrawal:
(None known)     
1x06 - God's Will:
(None known)     
1x07 - Revelations:
(None known)     
1x08 - (unknown):
(None known)     
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