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The Book of Daniel

2006-2006 Ended/Cancelled
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The show focuses on an Episcopalian minister and father Rev. Daniel Webster. He finds himself conversing with Jesus - his mentor and friend - who helps navigate family problems, church politics and even his nagging reliance on prescription painkillers.

Confirmed as canceled by NBC on 2006-01-24. Four episodes of the series remain unaired.

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Genres: Comedy / Drama

Language: english


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1x01 - Temptation:
Reverend Daniel Webster's problems begin when his daughter is arrested for possession of drugs and his brother-in-law goes missing, along with a substantial amount of the church funds.
1x02 - Forgiveness:
An embarrassed Judith confronts Daniel when it comes full circle from her sister Victoria that the couple's personal sex life was discussed during one of Rev. Daniel's counseling sessions. Later, Peter endures an equally uncomfortable exchange over Sunday dinner when his grandfather Bishop Bertrum Webster grills him about his assumed interest in the ladies. Meanwhile, Adam's own romance is in jeopardy when he falls out of his girlfriend Caroline Paxton's (guest star Leven Rambin) window and is  [...] (More)
1x03 - Acceptance:
Daniel faces a tough decision regarding the stolen school funds and is confronted with criticism when he gets Father Frank (Dan Hedaya) and his Mob connections involved in the matter.
1x04 - Assignation:
It's a rather eventful day for the Websters leading up to the groundbreaking of Saint Barnabus School. As Daniel deals with a mobster's unexpected admission that he's gay, Judith approaches Worth (D.W. Moffett) about joining his political campaign.
1x05 - Withdrawal:
Daniel tries to quit painkillers cold turkey, but lunch with his brother (D.W. Moffett) tests his resolve; construction continues on the new church as Roger introduces Bishop Congreve to the Vaporelli brothers.
1x06 - God's Will:
A brutal gay-bashing incident puts Peter in the hospital in serious condition and brings back painful memories for the Websters, who recall losing Peter's twin brother to leukemia.
1x07 - Revelations:
Daniel meets a young girl who can also see and chat with Jesus. Meanwhile, Adam accepts a part-time internship in Peter's department and accidentally outs him; and Judith encounters Daniel's brother (D.W. Moffett).
1x08 - (unknown):
(No plot available)
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