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Bought & Sold

2007-2009 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
What's your seller's real estate agent really thinking behind that smile? Wish you could climb into the head of the buyer's agent to find out what's going on with the contract? It's an inner circle with its own secrets. Competitive, calculating and colorful ... meet the brilliant real estate brokers at the center of this entertaining and informative new HGTV series, all about buying and selling residential property. Bought & Sold is the reality of real estate, focusing on the stories and high drama behind the sales and the lengths brokers will go to just to do the deal.

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Genres: Reality-TV

Language: english  Runtime: 30 mins

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2x01 - Vanessa Hosts a Pricing Party to Get Advice From Her Fellow Agents:
Vanessa considers buying a listing from her colleague Maggie, but only if she can sell her own house at the price she needs. She hosts a party where her fellow agents give her advice on staging, selling and pricing her houser. Meanwhile, Sam stages an open house for his 86 year-old client who is selling his home after 40 years.
2x02 - Jodi and Joanna Help a Young Couple Considering a Move to the Suburbs:
Roberta's son Nick joined the agency a year ago, and he wants to generate more business in the condo market by becoming the exclusive listing agent for a hip, new condo development in the area. Meanwhile, Jodi and Joanna help a young professional couple from the city get used to the idea of moving to the suburbs, while Roy helps make landscaping improvements to one of his listings.
2x03 - Sam Lists the Home of His Friends But There's Loads of Work to Do Before Putting It on the Market:
Sam is listing the home of friends, but their old house is a mess and needs lots of work to prepare it for the market. Meanwhile, Sidney's client, a young mom purchasing her first house, is buying it from a bank in a short sale. And, Jodi and Joanna's clients are selling their custom-built home when things get interesting as they're asked to leave during negotiations with a possible buyer.
2x04 - Jodi and Joanna Go Through Ups and Downs as They Oversee the Building of a Green Home:
Jodi and Joanna experience a lot of ups and downs as they oversee the construction of a new "green" home, the first of its kind in the area. Then, Simon has a client in the final stages of the buying process when they decide they'd better get the approval of the mother-in-law first. Finally, Roberta dispenses pricing advice to her client who plans to downsize.
2x05 - Downsizing, Renovations and an Open House:
Roberta has a client who is newly divorced and looking to downsize into a home closer to the city. Meanwhile, Simon hosts an open house for his new listing but is worried that it may take a long time to sell. And, Linda takes on some renovations of her own and has the first floor of her home remodeled.
2x06 - Agent Apprehension:
Vanessa shows her clients a lot of potential houses, but they decide on a For Sale By Owner listing which puts her commission into jeopardy. Meanwhile, Jodi and Joanna have an open house for a new construction and have to deal with nervous builders, and Maggie has new clients who are soon to be married and looking for their first home together.
2x07 - An Open House With a Beloved Sitcom Theme:
Sam has a beautiful new listing that reminds him of "I Love Lucy", so he throws an elaborately themed open house. Meanwhile, Simon considers putting one of his two homes on the market, but needs to figure out which one he can afford to keep and if he can break even with a sale. Finally, Nick has a celebration with his fiancee after closing a sale.
2x08 - Concerns Over Pricing, Inventory and a Former Rental's Condition:
Simon, who is selling one of his two homes, has all of the agents over to gather their pricing recommendations. Jodi and Joanna have a difficult listing that's been left in bad shape by renters, and they're worried about its chances on the market. Then, Roberta has a client who is underwhelmed by the properties that she shows him because nothing compares to his old Victorian.
2x09 - Realtor Recognition:
Roy contemplates selling his own home and downsizing, and he has the perfect buyers. Although he hasn't officially decided to sell, he shows his clients the house and gives them a firm asking price. Sam has another grand open house, with a Little Orphan Annie theme where he gives away a rare gold coin worth thousands of dollars. Finally, all the agents get together for their annual end of the year awards and recognition ceremony.
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