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The Bridge

2010-2010 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Written by five-time Gemini Award winner and six-time nominee Alan Di Fiore, The Bridge peels away the veneer of a big-city Canadian police force to reveal the political machinations underneath. After the rank and file unanimously vote street cop Frank Leo (Aaron Douglas) into office as union head, he begins his quest to put street cops first and clean up the force from the ground up.

But the old boys’ network running the police force and the city’s self-serving politicians are not about to sit idly by while a former street cop makes up his own rules. Frank walks a thin blue line as he battles wiretaps and a concerted campaign to bring him down, letting nothing stop him from fulfilling his unwavering vow that when cops are in trouble, the union will be there.

THE BRIDGE stars Aaron Douglas as outspoken union head Frank Leo; Paul Popowich as Frank’s partner and confidante Tommy Dunn; Gemini Award nominee Inga Cadranel as Jill, the free-spirited cop on the force; Frank Cassini as Staff Sergeant Bernie Kantor; Theresa Joy as feisty tomboy Police Constable Billy; Ona Grauer as beautiful, passionate prosecutor Abby St. James; Michael Murphy as Chief of Police, and political animal, Ed Wycoff; and two-time Emmy Award winner Stuart Margolin as Frank’s father, Vic Leo.
Special Notes:
Cancelled in the US, returning for a second season in Canada.
Main Cast
N/AAaron Douglas
as Frank Leo [S 1]
N/AMichael Murphy
as Ed Wycoff [S 1]
Ona Grauer
as Abby St. James [S 1]
© Lifetime TelevisionPaul Popowich
as Tommy Dunn [S 1]

Premiered on Network:

Genres: Drama

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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1x01 - Red Door:
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1x02 - Paint It Black:
(None known)     
1x03 - The Fat Lady Sings the Blues:
(None known)     
1x04 - The Unguarded Moment:
(None known)     
1x05 - Vexation of Spirit:
(None known)     
1x06 - Damned If You Do:
(None known)     
1x07 - God Bless The Child:
(None known)     
1x08 - Brown Sugar:
(None known)     
1x09 - Painted Ladies:
(None known)     
1x10 - Never Let Me Down Again:
(None known)     
1x11 - The Blame Game:
(None known)     
1x12 - Voices Carry:
(None known)     
1x13 - Chain of Fools:
(None known)     
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