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The Bronx is Burning

2007-2007 Ended/Cancelled
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Set in New York City in 1977, this 8-10 episode series focuses on the Yankees, and the team’s two biggest personalities: Reggie Jackson and Billy Martin. The Yankees’ first black superstar and the scrappy “working-class” Billy Martin mirror the racial and class tug-of-war that the city as a whole was facing.

A look at the New York Yankees attempt to win the 1977 World Series. Based on Jonathan Mahler's book "Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bronx Is Burning."
Main Cast
N/ADaniel Sunjata
as Reggie Jackson [S 1]
N/AJohn Turturro
as Billy Martin [S 1]
N/AOliver Platt
as George Steinbrenner [S 1]

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Genres: Drama / Sport / Mini

Language: english

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1x01 - The Straw:
A dramatic look at the 1977 Yankees begins with Reggie Jackson's arrival at spring training after being signed against the wishes of manager Billy Martin. In New York, news breaks of the city's first serial killer in 40 years.
1x02 - Team in Turmoil:
Reggie's tell-all interview upsets the Yankees clubhouse; “Son of Sam” writes to the NYPD and columnist Jimmy Breslin (Michael Rispoli); the mayor forms the Omega task force.
1x03 - Time for a Change?:
Billy pulls Reggie from a game for not hustling; George wants to fire Billy, who is reduced to tears in front of Thurman Munson (Eric Jensen); “Son of Sam” strikes again.
1x04 - The Seven Commandments:
Munson's plea to George backfires; a blackout hits New York City; the Yanks fall to third place and discuss batting Reggie clean-up; the anniversary of the first kill of “Son of Sam” approaches.
1x05 - CAUGHT!:
Facing immense pressure from George, Billy acquiesces and bats Reggie fourth in the lineup. The Yankees' fortunes improve, while the Omega task force closes in on “Son of Sam.”
1x06 - The Game's Not As Easy As It Looks, Fellas:
The Yankees capture the AL East and head into the playoffs, where Reggie suddenly stops hitting, presenting Billy with a dilemma. Ed Koch wins a mayoral runoff against Mario Cuomo.
1x07 - Past Combatants:
The ninth Dodgers-Yankees World Series begins in New York with an extra-innings thriller. Reggie publicly rips Billy before the series shifts to Los Angeles, where the Yanks hit their stride to return home one game away from a title.
1x08 - Mr. October:
Reggie earns the moniker “Mr. October” with his Game 6 performance as the Yanks celebrate their first World Series title under George's ownership. Rumors swirl that Reggie won't return in 1978 if Billy is still the manager.
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