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The Championship Gaming Series

2007-2008 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Dave Berry and Emma Griffiths present exclusive coverage of the Championship Gaming Series. Britain's best gamers compete for the chance to represent the UK in the world championships.
Main Cast
N/AAndrew Siciliano
as (host) [S 1-2]
N/ADave Berry
as (host) [S 1]
N/ADJ Wheat
as (commentator) [S 2]
N/AEmma Griffiths
as (host) [S 1-2]
N/AJames "2GD" Harding
as (commentator) [S 1]
N/AJohnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel
as (commentator) [S 1-2]
N/APaul "ReDeYe" Chaloner
as (commentator) [S 1-2]
N/AStuart "TosspoT" Saw
as (commentator) [S 1]
N/AZoe Hardman
as (herself - backstage reporter) [S 1]
Recurring Cast
Roxanne Siordia as (herself) [S 2] (8)

Premiered on Network:
Sky Two in UK

Genres: Game-Show

Language: english

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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
2x01UK Championship  PD C  |edit  2008-07-28  Discuss episode! 
2x02EU Championship  PD C  |edit  2008-07-29  Discuss episode! 
10 2x03European Playoff  PD C  |edit  2008-07-30  Discuss episode! 
11 2x04European Championship  PD C  |edit  2008-07-31  Discuss episode! 
12 2x05The World Quarterfinals  PD C  |edit  2008-08-01  Discuss episode! 
13 2x06The World Semifinals (Part 1)  PD C  |edit  2008-08-02  Discuss episode! 
14 2x07The World Semifinals (2)  PD C  |edit  2008-08-02  Discuss episode! 
15 2x08The World Finals  PD C N|edit  2008-08-03  Discuss episode! 
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