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Charlie Jade

2005-2005 Ended/Cancelled
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Three worlds... One hope

Charlie Jade (Jeffrey Pierce, The West Wing, JAG, Boston Public) is a private detective in a world dominated by greedy multinational corporations. When Charlie sees the corpse of a beautiful young woman he realizes she embodies the impossible: she has no identity, something inconceivable in Charlie's world.

While tracking her suspected killer, the trail leads Charlie to a secret desert facility. A massive explosion propels him into a parallel universe, our own chaotic twenty-first century world where he is both baffled by its differences and seduced by its similarities. Charlie is soon drawn into a conflict that not only involves his home universe and the one he now inhabits but also includes another, a pristine pacifist universe with unsuspected terror at its heart.
Main Cast
N/ADanny Keogh
as Julius Galt [S 1]
N/AJeffrey Pierce
as Charlie Jade [S 1]
N/AMarie-Julie Rivest
as Jasmine / Paula [S 1]
N/AMichael Filipowich
as 01 Boxer [S 1]
N/AMichele Burgers
as Essa Romkin [S 1]
N/APatricia McKenzie
as Reena [S 1]
N/ATyrone Benskin
as Karl Lubinsky [S 1]
Recurring Cast
Graham Clarke as Brion Boxer [S 1] (14)
David Dennis as Sew Sew Tukarrs [S 1] (10)
Langley Kirkwood as Porter [S 1] (8)
Rolanda Marais as Blues Paddock [S 1] (8)
Dean Slater as Malachi [S 1] (6)
Lisa-Marie Schneider as Princess [S 1] (6)
Aubrey Shelton as Vex-Cor Board Member #1 [S 1] (5)
Lynita Crofford as Vex-Cor Board Member #2 [S 1] (5)
Monde Theu as Vex-Cor Board Member #3 [S 1] (5)

Premiered on Network:
Space in CA

Genres: Fantasy / Sci-Fi

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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Sci Fi adds Charlie Jade
Charlie Jade su Jimmy

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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
1x01The Big Bang 101 PDWCMN|edit  2005-04-16  Discuss episode! 
1x02Sand 102 PDWCMN|edit  2005-04-16  Discuss episode! 
1x03You Are Here 103 PDWCMN|edit  2005-04-23  Discuss episode! 
1x04The Power of Suggestion 104 PDWCMN|edit  2005-04-30  Discuss episode! 
1x05And Not a Drop to Drink 105 PDWCMN|edit  2005-05-07  1 Comment 
1x06Dirty Laundry 106 PDWCMN|edit  2005-05-14  Discuss episode! 
1x07Diamonds 107 PDWC N|edit  2005-05-21  Discuss episode! 
1x08Devotion 108 PDWC N|edit  2005-05-28  Discuss episode! 
1x09Betrayal 109 PDWCMN|edit  2005-06-04  Discuss episode! 
10 1x10Identity 110 PDWCMN|edit  2005-06-11  Discuss episode! 
11 1x11Thicker Than Water 111 PDWCMN|edit  2005-06-18  Discuss episode! 
12 1x12Choosing Sides 112 PDWCMN|edit  2005-06-25  Discuss episode! 
13 1x13Through A Mirror Darkly 113 PDWC  |edit  2005-07-02  Discuss episode! 
14 1x14The Enemy Of My Enemy 114 PDWCM |edit  2005-07-09  Discuss episode! 
15 1x15Things Unseen 115 PDWCM |edit  2005-07-16  Discuss episode! 
16 1x16The Shortening of the Way 116 PDWC  |edit  2005-07-23  Discuss episode! 
17 SpecialCan of Worms  PDWC N|edit  2005-07-28  Discuss episode! 
18 1x17Spin 117 PDWC  |edit  2005-07-30  Discuss episode! 
19 1x18Bedtime Story 118 PDWCM |edit  2005-08-06  Discuss episode! 
20 1x19Flesh 119 PDWC  |edit  2005-08-13  Discuss episode! 
21 1x20Ouroboros 120 PDWC  |edit  2005-08-20  1 Comment 
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Guide available in: english french italian