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Dave Gorman's Important Astrology Experiment

2002-2002 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Every day millions of people consult their horoscopes. Is it wise to follow the advice of astrologers? The world of science has not been brave enough to answer this question. Until now.

Step forward DAVE GORMAN (Pisces).

For 40 days and 40 nights DAVE GORMAN has given up normal life. Instead he has scoured the horoscopes of 20 leading astrologers.

His task – to follow their advice. To ignore speculation, prediction and guesswork, but at all times to follow instruction and pursue luck.

Over six, thirty-minute episodes on BBC TWO, Dave presented the evidence to an astrologically balanced studio audience.

Receiving help and guidance from three world-renowned, independent experts in the fields of Love, Health and Wealth – DENISE ROBERTSON (TV agony aunt and Gemini), HILARY JONES (TV doctor and Gemini) and ALVIN HALL (TV financial advisor and Cancer) – the audience voteed on whether DAVE’S or the control’s life is turning out better.

Whatever the result, in DAVE’S world truth is stranger than fiction.
Main Cast
N/AAlvin Hall
as (himself) [S 1]
N/ADave Gorman
as (himself) [S 1]
N/ADenise Robertson
as (herself) [S 1]
N/AHilary Jones
as (himself) [S 1]
Recurring Cast
Danny Wallace as (himself) [S 1] (3)

Premiered on Network:
BBC-2 in UK

Also known as:
Important Astrology Experiment

Genres: Comedy / Documentary

Language: english


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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
1x01Episode 1   DWC  |edit  2002-09-01  Discuss episode! 
1x02Episode 2   DWC  |edit  2002-09-08  Discuss episode! 
1x03Episode 3   DWC  |edit  2002-09-15  Discuss episode! 
1x04Episode 4   DWC  |edit  2002-09-22  Discuss episode! 
1x05Episode 5   DWC  |edit  2002-09-29  Discuss episode! 
1x06Episode 6   DWC  |edit  2002-10-06  Discuss episode! 
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