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The Doris Day Show

1968-1973 Ended/Cancelled
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This light and fluffy sitcom changed formats and producers almost every season. Originally it was about widow Doris Martin and her two young sons who left the big city for the quiet and peace of her family's ranch, which was run by her dad Buck and ranchhand Leroy. Later Doris, Buck and sons Billy and Toby moved to San Francisco, where Doris got a job as a secretary to bumbling magazine publisher Michael Nicholson. In Season Three, the Martin family moved into an apartment above the Paluccis' Italian restaurant, and Doris began writing features for Today's World magazine. Finally, the kids, family, Nicholson, the Paluccis' and all other cast members vanished, and Doris became a single staff writer for Today's World, where her new boss was stentatorial-voiced Cy Bennett.

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Genres: Comedy

Language: english


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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
105 5x01No More Advice ... Please        |edit  1972-09-11  Discuss episode! 
106 5x02The Great Talent Raid        |edit  1972-09-18  Discuss episode! 
107 5x03Just a Miss Understanding        |edit  1972-09-25  Discuss episode! 
108 5x04The Press Secretary        |edit  1972-10-02  Discuss episode! 
109 5x05Peeping Tom        |edit  1972-10-09  Discuss episode! 
110 5x06Forgive and Forget        |edit  1972-10-16  Discuss episode! 
111 5x07Debt of Honor        |edit  1972-10-23  Discuss episode! 
112 5x08Jimmy the Gent        |edit  1972-11-06  Discuss episode! 
113 5x09The Music Man        |edit  1972-11-13  Discuss episode! 
114 5x10Detective Story        |edit  1972-11-20  Discuss episode! 
115 5x11The Co-Op        |edit  1972-11-27  Discuss episode! 
116 5x12Anniversary Gift        |edit  1972-12-11  Discuss episode! 
117 5x13The New Boss        |edit  1972-12-18  Discuss episode! 
118 5x14Follow That Dog        |edit  1973-01-01  Discuss episode! 
119 5x15The Hoax        |edit  1973-01-08  Discuss episode! 
120 5x16The Last Huzzah        |edit  1973-01-15  Discuss episode! 
121 5x17Hospital Benefit        |edit  1973-01-22  Discuss episode! 
122 5x18It's a Dog's Life        |edit  1973-01-29  Discuss episode! 
123 5x19Family Magazine        |edit  1973-02-05  Discuss episode! 
124 5x20A Small Cure for Big Alimony        |edit  1973-02-12  Discuss episode! 
125 5x21The Magnificent Fraud        |edit  1973-02-19  Discuss episode! 
126 5x22Meant for Each Other        |edit  1973-02-26  Discuss episode! 
127 5x23Welcome to Big Sur        |edit  1973-03-05  Discuss episode! 
128 5x24Byline ... Alias Doris        |edit  1973-03-12  Discuss episode! 
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