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1994-2009 Ended/Cancelled
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Michael Crichton has created a medical drama that chronicles life and death in a Chicago hospital emergency room. Each episode tells the tale of another day in the ER, from the exciting to the mundane, and the joyous to the heart-rending. Frenetic pacing, interwoven plot lines, and emotional rollercoastering is used to attempt to accurately depict the stressful environment found there. This show even portrays the plight of medical students in their quest to become physicians.

Theme song by James Newton Howard.
Main Cast
N/AAlex Kingston
as Dr. Elizabeth Corday [S 4-15]
N/AAngela Bassett
as Dr. Catherine Banfield [S 15]
Buy at Art.comAnthony Edwards
as Dr. Mark Greene [S 1-8]
© NBCDavid Lyons
as Dr. Simon Brenner [S 15]
N/AErik Palladino
as Dr. Dave Malucci [S 6-8]
© Photo by: Steve Wilkie/USA NetworkEriq La Salle
as Dr. Peter Benton [S 1-15]
Buy at Art.comGeorge Clooney
as Dr. Douglas Ross [S 1-15]
© Photo: Richard FormanGloria Reuben
as Jeanie Boulet [S 2-6]
Buy at Art.comGoran Visnjic
as Dr. Luka Kovac [S 6-15]
Buy at Art.comJohn Stamos
as Tony Gates [S 13-15]
N/AJulianna Margulies
as Carol Hathaway [S 1-15]
N/AKellie Martin
as Lucy Knight [S 5-6]
© Photo by: Joseph Viles/NBCLaura Innes
as Dr. Kerry Weaver [S 3-15]
Buy at Art.comLinda Cardellini
as Nurse Samantha Taggart [S 10-15]
N/AMaria Bello
as Dr. Anna Del Amico [S 4]
N/AMaura Tierney
as Abby Lockhart [S 6-15]
Buy at Art.comMekhi Phifer
as Dr. Gregory Pratt [S 9-15]
N/AMichael Michele
as Dr. Cleo Finch [S 6-8]
© Syfy Photo: Art StreiberMing-Na
as Dr. Jing-Mei "Deb" Chen [S 6-11]
© TM & © Cable News Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved.Noah Wyle
as Dr. John Carter [S 1-15]
Buy at Art.comParminder Nagra
as Dr. Neela Rasgotra [S 10-15]
N/APaul McCrane
as Dr. Robert Romano [S 6-10]
N/AScott Grimes
as Dr. Archie Morris [S 12-15]
Buy at Art.comShane West
as Dr. Ray Barnett [S 11-13]
© USA NetworkSharif Atkins
as Dr. Michael Gallant [S 8-10]
N/ASherry Stringfield
as Dr. Susan Lewis [S 1-15]
Recurring Cast
Laura Cerón as Nurse Chuny Marquez [S 1-15] (221)
Deezer D. as Nurse Malik McGrath [S 1-15] (190)
Yvette Freeman as Nurse Haleh Adams [S 1-15] (183)
Emily Wagner as EMS Doris Pickman [S 1-15] (162)
Lynn A. Henderson as EMS Pamela Olbes [S 2-15] (150)
Abraham Benrubi as Jerry Markovic [S 1-15] (135)
Lily Mariye as Nurse Lily Jarvik [S 1-15] (128)
Troy Evans as Frank Martin [S 6-15] (128)
Monté Russell as EMS Dwight Zadro [S 1-15] (118)
Ellen Crawford as Nurse Lydia Wright [S 1-15] (113)

Premiered on Network:

Also known as:
Emergency Room
Medici in prima linea

Genres: Drama

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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'ER' confirmed for 'goodbye season'

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12x01 - Cañon City:
A frantic Sam and too-calm Luka report diabetic Alex missing after he runs away to find his father. Acting on information from the police they follow a lead to Iowa, then eventually head for Colorado. As they travel, they discuss their relationship, slowly realizing they have very little in common. With Alex safe, Sam tells him the truth and takes him to see his father. In the ER Susan, Pratt and the nurses evaluate Ray, Neela, and Abby’s first days at R2’s as each struggles to manage patients,  [...] (More)
12x02 - Nobody's Baby:
A baby's life is endangered when the surrogate mother refuses a C-section. The biological parents, Ray, and Dr. Coburn disagree over the surrogate mother's treatment. Abby makes a difficult diagnosis on a young boy with a rare illness. Pratt is reunited with his father and his family. Sam tells Luka she's moving out, and Luka discusses the move with Alex.
12x03 - Man with No Name:
The ER is shaken up when new nurse manager, Eve (Kristen Johnston) enforces her strict and efficient new procedures. Kovac and Sam struggle to find some civility with each while working the same shift. Abby treats a breast cancer patient who is having a hard time coming to terms with her condition.
12x04 - Blame it on the Rain:
A patient who has been in a coma for nine years suddenly awakens in the ER and Kovac struggles with whether he should reveal her the truth about her past. Abby comforts Dr. Dubenko (Leland Orser) after he finds out some troubling news. New Nurse Manager Eve (Kristen Johnston) makes waves in the ER as she implements her strict methods.
12x05 - Wake Up:
Pratt gets a wake-up call when the new attending Dr. Victor Clemente (John Leguizamo) poses as a patient to test the knowledge of doctors in the ER. Meanwhile, Kovac bonds with the former coma patient and contemplates bending the rules for her. A breast cancer patient convinces Abby to get her first mammogram. Pratt's father Charlie (Danny Glover) tries to convince his son that he has turned his life around.
12x06 - Dream House:
Clemente (John Leguizamo), Abby and Neela secretly care for a VIP patient, while Dubenko tortures the staff via a robotic television camera from home.
12x07 - The Human Shield:
Neela gets all dolled up for Gallant's homecoming and her co-workers seem to take notice but, her plans change when she receives a call from Iraq. Meanwhile, Abby is caught in the middle between Kovac and Clemente when they disagree on how to save a patients life. When a cop and a little girl become victims of a shoot out, Neela is plagued with the decision of whether or not she should save the shooters life.
12x08 - Two Ships:
Neela thinks that she is going on a routine ambulance ride-along with Gates, (Guest Star, John Stamos), and soon finds herself in the middle of an emergency, attending to a plane crash site where many are injured and trapped inside a burning building. Meanwhile, the ER opens to trauma victims of the plane crash and Sam struggles with an executive decision that could cost her her job. Neela's bravery has won the respect of her co-workers and especially Gates the ambulance driver but, her day is  [...] (More)
12x09 - I Do:
As the tension between Kovac and Clemente heightens, two doctors make their feelings known, while another stands up for himself. The ER comes together for an unexpected and surprising celebration.
12x10 - All About Christmas Eve:
It's Christmas Eve in the ER, but all is not calm as Pratt and Weaver try desperately to save a little girl who's been shot by a stray bullet. Meanwhile, Eve (Kristen Johnston) gets into hot water when she punches a disruptive patient.
12x11 - If Not Now:
Luka must confront the same difficult choice in both his personal and professional lives, while Abby must make the choice of a lifetime – but will she make it alone? At the same time the conflict between a patient and her parents leads Neela to look to a mentor for help. An accident forces Kerry to address an old issue, an opportunity in Ray’s life will shape his future, and the past is about to catch up with Dr. Clemente.
12x12 - Split Decisions:
With one attending off duty, one out of commission, and one AWOL, Dubenko volunteers to spend a day in the ER. Luka and Abby take a day away to prepare for the future. Neela gets the elective she wanted, but news from Gallant may complicate the future. Ray takes action when an old problem reappears, and Pratt makes a tough choice to help a friend.
12x13 - Body and Soul:
When a wandering ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) patient arrives at the ER, many of the doctors are shocked when they recognize the former medical school professor (Guest star James Woods). Abby and Kovac try to understand Dr. Lennox's wishes for his life after the professor is struck with pneumonia as well as the nerve degenerating disease. As his condition deteriorates, Abby struggles with the possibility of losing her beloved professor. After a controversial decision to perform a trake procedure to  [...] (More)
12x14 - Quintessence of Dust:
Dr. Clemente and his girlfriend Jodie seem to be living the highlife together, when they are suddenly interrupted by Jodie's husband Bobby. When Jodie threatens divorce, Bobby takes matters into his own hands. Abby and Dr. Kovac anxiously await the test results determining the health of their unborn baby. Meanwhile, when Dr. Pratt is put on the auction block for a bachelor charity event, everyone is surprised when a man wins the bid.
12x15 - Darfur:
Dr. Carter is joined by Dr. Dakarai (Eamonn Walker) in the Sudanese desert as they work to treat hundreds of disease infested, and famine stricken people. Carter and Dr. Dakarai must spring into action to save a woman who was raped by a militant group. Meanwhile, back at County General, Dr. Clemente (John Leguizamo) returns from New Jersey wounded. Pratt and Neela quickly work to save a 14 year-old involved in a hit and run accident, but Pratt is infuriated when he discovers who hit the young teen.  [...] (More)
12x16 - Out On A Limb:
Dr. Weaver contemplates hip replacement surgery after she finds it hard to do her labor intensive job. Meanwhile, Dr. Kovac tries to ease Abby's fears about raising a child together. Neela decides to attend a support group for military spouses but when she offers her opinions on the war, the meeting turns into a debate. After Sam treats a fainting victim, named Richard Elliot, she finds herself with an intriguing job offer.
12x17 - Lost in America:
Abby and Kovac desperately try to keep a 21 year-old girl (Zina Zaflow) brought into the ER with stab wounds to the neck alive while they wait for a surgeon to operate. As the young girl's condition begins to deteriorate, Clemente steps in and decides to try a risky procedure on the girl in order to save her life. Meanwhile, Neela pulls an all-nighter in preparation for a speech at a surgeon's convention but is disappointed when her speech goes awry. Back at the ER, Ray tries to treat a suicidal  [...] (More)
12x18 - Strange Bedfellows:
All is not what it seems when police bring in two teenagers involved in a car accident. Abby and Morris struggle to figure out what is wrong with the unconscious girl, while police try to interrogate the other teen. Meanwhile, Neela gets a visit from her in-laws (Guest stars Ernie Hudson and Sheryl Lee Ralph) and finds out some troubling news. Kovac tells Abby that he plans to go to Africa and help Carter , but when he realizes Abby is not crazy about the idea, he decides to send someone else in  [...] (More)
12x19 - No Place to Hide:
Pratt departs for Africa with attitude to spare but get his first contact with harsh reality before the plane lands. Abby senses something is not what is seems when she treats a 12-year-old and her grandmother (guest star Diane Ladd), and differs with Luka over the best course of action. A prisoner is brought to the ER with what everyone thinks is a fake case of appendicitis. Morris is dressed, and ready, to impress, but Albright’s not. It’s time for Kerry to return to work and Clemente  [...] (More)
12x20 - There Are No Angels Here:
Pratt gets to work in Darfur, but soon finds his eyes opened to the need all around him. Debbie attempts to persuade Dakarai to seek treatment for his illness. Carter, Pratt and Dakarai find themselves in the middle of the conflict when a man and his pregnant wife arrive at the camp needing treatment, with trouble not far behind. Events force Pratt and Dakarai to make a dangerous journey.
12x21 - The Gallant Hero and The Tragic Victor:
Clemente’s behavior grows more and more erratic, forcing Luka to take a stand. Pratt returns from Africa, and works with Luka, Abby, and Sam on the case of a father and two sons who appear to have been beaten by gang members, but soon, Pratt learns the real story. Morris and Albright throw off some sparks. Dubenko has good news for Neela, but will two visitors bring something different?
12x22 - 21 Guns:
In the aftermath of the tragedy befalling the ER, it’s a seemingly ordinary day with the usual collection of patients. But soon, the day becomes anything but ordinary as two prisoners intent on escape come to the ER for treatment, along with a hidden conspirator. Their desperate actions place one doctor in harm’s way, and forces one nurse to become a tool in their plan. Soon, gunshots ring out, another doctor hits the floor, and a staff member’s life is in jeopardy. The medical staff rush  [...] (More)
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