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Everybody Hates Chris

2005-2009 Ended/Cancelled
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Uprooted to a new neighborhood and bused to a predominantly white middle school two-hours away by his strict, hard-working parents, teenager Chris struggles to find his place in early '80s Brooklyn while keeping his two younger siblings in line at home and surmounting the challenges of junior high. This responsible, resilient adolescent brings a distinct, funny spin to his everyday trials and traumas. Narrated by, and based on the experiences, of comedian/actor Chris Rock.

Theme song: "The 900 Number" by 45 King
Show Gallery
© Corus Entertainment
© Corus Entertainment
Main Cast
N/AChris Rock
as (Narrator) [S 1-4]
N/AImani Hakim
as Tonya Rock [S 1-4]
N/ATequan Richmond
as Drew Rock [S 1-4]
N/ATerry Crews
as Julius Rock [S 1-4]
N/ATichina Arnold
as Rochelle Rock [S 1-4]
© Corus EntertainmentTyler James Williams
as Chris Rock [S 1-4]
N/AVincent Martella
as Greg [S 1-4]
Recurring Cast
Travis T. Flory as Joey Caruso [S 1-4] (53)
Jacqueline Mazarella as Ms. Morello [S 2-4] (37)
Ernest Thomas as Mr. Omar [S 2-4] (32)
Kevontay Jackson as Jerome [S 1-4] (32)
Michael Estime as Risky [S 1-4] (30)
Jeris Poindexter as Kill Moves [S 2-4] (29)
Jack√©e Harry as Vanessa [S 1-4] (26)
Antonio Fargas as Doc [S 1-4] (24)
Paige Hurd as Tasha [S 2-4] (16)
Todd Bridges as Monk [S 2-4] (15)

Premiered on Network:

Also known as:
Alle hassen Chris
Tutti odiano Chris

Genres: Comedy

Language: english  Runtime: 30 mins

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68 4x02Everybody Hates Cake  PDWC  |edit 2008-10-10  Discuss episode! 
69 4x03Everybody Hates Homecoming  PDWC  |edit 2008-10-17  Discuss episode! 
70 4x04Everybody Hates The English Teacher  PDWC  |edit 2008-10-24  Discuss episode! 
71 4x05Everybody Hates My Man  PDWC  |edit 2008-10-31  Discuss episode! 
72 4x06Everybody Hates Doc's  PDWC  |edit 2008-11-07  Discuss episode! 
73 4x07Everybody Hates Snitches  PDWC  |edit 2008-11-14  Discuss episode! 
74 4x08Everybody Hates Big Bird  PDWC  |edit 2008-11-21  Discuss episode! 
75 4x09Everybody Hates James  PDWC  |edit 2008-11-28  Discuss episode! 
76 4x10Everybody Hates New Year's Eve  PDWC  |edit 2008-12-12  Discuss episode! 
77 4x11Everybody Hates Mr. Levine  PDWC  |edit 2009-01-09  Discuss episode! 
78 4x12Everybody Hates Varsity Jackets  PDWC  |edit 2009-01-16  Discuss episode! 
79 4x13Everybody Hates Fake IDs  PDWC  |edit 2009-01-23  Discuss episode! 
80 4x14Everybody Hates PSAT's  PDWC  |edit 2009-01-30  Discuss episode! 
81 4x15Everybody Hates Boxing  PDWC  |edit 2009-02-06  Discuss episode! 
82 4x16Everybody Hates Lasagna  PDWC  |edit 2009-03-13  Discuss episode! 
83 4x17Everybody Hates Spring Break  PDWC  |edit 2009-03-20  Discuss episode! 
84 4x18Everybody Hates the Car  PDWC  |edit 2009-03-27  Discuss episode! 
85 4x19Everybody Hates Back Talk  PDWC  |edit 2009-04-03  Discuss episode! 
86 4x20Everybody Hates Tasha  PDWC  |edit  2009-04-24  Discuss episode! 
87 4x21Everybody Hates Bomb Threats  PDWC  |edit 2009-05-01  Discuss episode! 
88 4x22Everybody Hates The G.E.D.  PDWC N|edit 2009-05-08  Discuss episode! 
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