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The Family Man

2006-2006 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
The Family Man, set in the highly emotive world of the fertility industry, takes viewers on a moving journey through the highs and lows, joys and sorrows of trying to have a baby through IVF. The story centres on the charismatic Dr Patrick Stowe and the private fertility clinic that he runs. It also follows the touching stories of four couples who, each for their own uniquely personal reasons, turn to him for help in making their dreams come true.

Patrick Stowe is passionate and principled. Over the years he has helped hundreds of couples to have babies of their own, even though his own parenting skills leave a lot to be desired. More at home in the clinic, Patrick is ploughing his way through a sea of constantly evolving technologies and shifts in ethical opinion, but whole-heartedly believes that each couple's case deserves the right to be judged individually and that blanket rules should not apply. It's a belief that increasingly puts him at odds with many of his colleagues but could ultimately put his own health and happiness in danger.

Premiered on Network:
BBC-1 in UK

Genres: Drama / Mini

Language: english


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1x01 - Episode 1:
Gillian needs donor eggs and is hoping a penniless student can help, Natalie wants to convince the medic to bend the rules on implantation, Jane is recovering from the loss of her son and Tina is concealing secrets from her past.
1x02 - Episode 2:
Trouble brews as Steve and egg donor Kelly become a bit too close for comfort, while Natalie and Matthew face the prospect of a multiple birth thanks to Patrick's embryo overload. Tina clashes with Gary when they fail to conceive yet again, and Paul and Jane continue to push the fertility doctor for the son they long for - forcing him to make a tough decision.
1x03 - Episode 3:
Patrick's attempts to help Paul and Jane conceive a son cause problems, while Gillian has to concentrate on her baby's well-being instead of her unfaithful husband. It's good news for Tina as she finally tracks down her birth mother, and a bewildered Natalie and Matthew prepare to take their premature triplets home.
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Guide available in: english