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1998-2002 Ended/Cancelled
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It all starts the moment shy, beautiful Felicity Porter (Keri Russell, Dead Man's Curve) asks Ben Covington (Scott Speedman) to sign her high school yearbook. It's graduation day...he's gorgeous...and she's had a four-year crush on him. Even though the two have never spoken, what he writes is so insightful, so perfect, it persuades Felicity to change the course of her future. A future defined by medical school and the dreams of her parents. She surreptitiously follows Ben to NYU and is quickly swept into a romantic triangle that brings both discovery and heartache. Felicity moved to New York to find romance but ends up finding herself.

Theme songs:
"Felicity Theme" by Amy Jo Johnson (Season 1-2)
"New Version of You" by J. J. Abrams and Andrew Jarecki (Season 3-4)
Main Cast
N/AAmanda Foreman
as Meghan Rotundi [S 2-4]
© Lifetime TelevisionAmy Jo Johnson
as Julie Emrick [S 1-3]
© Greg GrunbergGreg Grunberg
as Sean Blumberg [S 2-4]
© Danny Feld, Lifetime Networks, 2008Ian Gomez
as Javier Clemente Quintata [S 4]
Buy at Art.comKeri Russell
as Felicity Porter [S 1-4]
Buy at Art.comScott Foley
as Noel Crane [S 1-4]
N/AScott Speedman
as Ben Covington [S 1-4]
N/ATangi Miller
as Elena Tyler [S 1-4]
Recurring Cast
Robert Patrick Benedict as Richard Coad [S 1-4] (36)
Ian Gomez as Javier Clemente Quintata [S 1-3] (28)
Donald Faison as Tracy [S 2-4] (23)
Amanda Foreman as Meghan Rotundi [S 1] (17)
Amy Smart as Ruby [S 2-3] (16)
Greg Grunberg as Sean Blumberg [S 1] (15)
Sarah-Jane Potts as Molly [S 3] (14)
Janeane Garofalo as Voice of Sally Reardon (uncredited) (voice) [S 1] (12)
Amy Aquino as Dr. Toni Pavone [S 2-4] (10)
Chris William Martin as Greg Stenson [S 2] (9)

Premiered on Network:
WB (The Warner Bros.) in US

Genres: Drama

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins


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ArtistAlbumSong TitleStart/Stop Scene 
Pilot - Unaired Pilot:
(None known)     
1x02 - Pilot:
IvyApartment Life
I've Got A Feeling
Ivy, Apartment Life, I\'ve Got A Feeling
00:15:10 - 00:16:20 (DVD) After Felicity spoke to Ben. 
I Saw Red
00:18:39 - 00:19:37 (DVD) Ben asking Felicity for help and them studying. 
Massive AttackBlue Lines
Be Thankful For What You've Got
Massive Attack, Blue Lines, Be Thankful For What You Got
00:23:02 - 00:25:03 (DVD) During the study-dinner with Felicity, Ben and Julie. 
Sarah McLachlanSurfacing
Sarah  McLachlan, Surfacing, Angel
00:28:08 - 00:32:06 (DVD) Felicity wanting to go back. 
Peter GabrielSo
In Your Eyes
Peter  Gabriel, So, In Your Eyes
00:40:41 - 00:42:23 (DVD) During Sally Reardon's tape-reply. 
1x03 - The Last Stand:
Josh RouseHome
Josh  Rouse, Home, Laughter
00:00:58 - 00:02:11 (DVD) Opening scene, Felicity recording tape to Sally. 
Sinead LohanNo Mermaid
No Mermaid
00:02:37 - 00:03:30 (DVD) Felicity being told she got an admirer. 
Azure RayAzure Ray
Azure Ray, Azure Ray, Displaced
00:25:10 - 00:29:11 (DVD) Julie tells Felicity she's adopted. 
Heather NovaSiren
Valley of Sound
Heather  Nova, Siren, Valley of Sound
00:39:57 - 00:41:56 (DVD) When Ben walks away from Felicity and her mom. 
1x04 - Hot Objects:
Dressy BessyPink Hearts Yellow Moons
Just Like Henry
Dressy Bessy, Pink Hearts Yellow Moons, Just Like Henry
00:35:07 - 00:36:27 (DVD) Felicity in her room after her tape was played. 
AK Healey 
The House We Used To Live In
00:36:30 - 00:37:48 (DVD) Felicity buing icecream and meeting Dr. Garibay. 
1x05 - Boggled:
The Morning After
00:34:34 - 00:37:28 (DVD) Felicity watches Ben running, Noel watches her and leaves 
weaklazyliarThe November Diaries
weaklazyliar, The November Diaries, Secondhand
00:42:11 - 00:43:55 (DVD) At the end of the episode. 
1x06 - Spooked:
Django Haskins 
Dumbed Down
00:23:44 - 00:25:39 (DVD) When Elena meets Blair at the party. 
Peter MulveyDeep Blue
Take This
Peter  Mulvey, Deep Blue, Take This
00:35:34 - 00:38:21 (DVD) When Julie kisses Zach. 
Peter MulveyDeep Blue
Take This
Peter  Mulvey, Deep Blue, Take This
00:40:07 - 00:41:43 (TV) When Ben gives Felicity the necklace. 
1x07 - Cheating:
Sinead LohanNo Mermaid
Loose Ends
00:00:30 - 00:02:45 (DVD) When Ben flicks Felicity's teeth. 
The Crash Poets 
00:02:49 - 00:04:30 (DVD) When Felicity rewrites Ben's essay. 
00:15:15 - 00:17:05 (DVD) Ben asks Felicity not to confess the cheating. 
Mary LorsonSaint Low
On the Outside
Mary  Lorson, Saint Low, On the Outside
00:27:03 - 00:28:04 (DVD) When Noel comes back from speaking to Ben. 
1x08 - Drawing the Line (Part 1):
Ben WebsterThe Warm Moods
I'm Beginning to See the Light
00:00:31 - 00:01:53 (DVD) At the beginning of the episode. 
Ben WebsterThe Warm Moods
I'm Beginning to See the Light
00:37:30 - 00:38:19 (DVD) After Noel tells Elena to take the scholarship. 
1x09 - Drawing the Line (2):
Janet Robin 
Say It One More Time
00:09:01 - 00:09:38 (DVD) After Julie and Felicity leave the hospital. 
Gypsy SoulSanctuary
Gypsy Soul, Sanctuary, Solace
00:40:38 - 00:42:26 (DVD) At the end of the episode. 
1x10 - Thanksgiving:
Jess KleinWishes Well Disguised
The Cloud Song
Jess  Klein, Wishes Well Disguised, The Cloud Song
00:16:54 - 00:17:56 (DVD) Julie talk about turkeys, Felicity think about Noel and Hannah. 
Swan DiveYou're Beautiful
Swan Dive, You're Beautiful, Charade
00:19:34 - 00:21:28 (DVD) Felicity can't sleep 
Dar WilliamsThe Green World
Calling The Moon
Dar  Williams, The Green World, Calling The Moon
00:40:20 - 00:44:03 (DVD) During the Thanksgiving dinner. 
1x11 - Finally:
The SwingtipsSanta Swings
Santa Swings
00:29:08 - 00:34:00 (DVD) Noel and the Smart Powder. 
1x12 - Gimme an O!:
R.E.M.Automatic for the People
Everybody Hurts
R.E.M., Automatic for the People, Everybody Hurts
00:33:42 - 00:36:58 (DVD) Ben and Julie in the washing room and Noel wallowing in his room. 
1x13 - Friends:
The DrownersIs There Something on Your Mind?
Summer Break My Fall
00:21:45 - 00:22:25 (DVD) Noel tries to buy candy at the vending machine 
Pete DrogeSkywatching
Train Love to Stay
Pete  Droge, Skywatching, Train Love to Stay
00:36:46 - 00:37:37 (DVD) Noel trying to read instructions, Felicity distracting him. 
Eileen Rose 
Lie to Me
00:41:32 - 00:44:04 (DVD)  Felicity and Elena waiting outside the Jazz club. 
1x14 - Todd Mulcahy (Part 1):
EelsElectro-Shock Blues
My Descent Into Madness
Eels, Electro-Shock Blues, My Descent Into Madness
00:16:47 - 00:18:30 (DVD) Ben asking Sean about owing him rent 
Tin Star 
00:29:32 - 00:31:01 (DVD) Felicity and Elena take McGrath's test 
1x15 - Todd Mulcahy (2):
Catie CurtisTruth from Lies
Just Getting By
Catie  Curtis, Truth from Lies, Just Getting By
00:40:54 - 00:43:32 (DVD) At the end of the episode. 
1x16 - Love and Marriage:
00:35:48 - 00:38:12 (DVD) Julie watches as Ben tries out for the swim team 
Imperial TeenOn
Imperial Teen, On, Undone
00:40:58 - 00:43:29 (DVD) At the end of the episode. 
1x17 - The Fugue:
Amy Jo JohnsonFelicity Soundtrack
Puddle of Grace
Amy Jo Johnson, Felicity Soundtrack, Puddle of Grace
00:05:07 - 00:05:27 (DVD) Julie writing her song. 
Go To BlazesWaiting Around for the Crash
Lost As Me
Go To Blazes, Waiting Around for the Crash, Lost As Me
00:06:43 - 00:09:14 (DVD) Noel, Felicity, Julie and Hannah at Epstein Bar 
Amy Jo JohnsonFelicity Soundtrack
Puddle of Grace
Amy Jo Johnson, Felicity Soundtrack, Puddle of Grace
00:30:43 - 00:32:44 (DVD) Julie performs at Epstein bar 
1x18 - Assassins:
Merrick, Merrick, Infinity
00:05:30 - 00:06:04 (DVD) Noel makes a tape for Felicity and Darryl comes in. 
Merrick, Merrick, Infinity
00:10:01 - 00:10:09 (DVD) Felicity listens to the mixtape. 
Mary LorsonSaint Low
Mary  Lorson, Saint Low, Crash
00:32:55 - 00:35:50 (DVD) Noel wanders drunk into Felicity's room 
Sinead Lohan 
Did I Do the Right Thing
00:39:36 - 00:41:08 (DVD) Noel and Felicity meet in the hallway. 
1x19 - Happy Birthday:
Amy Jo Johnson 
Clear Blue Day
00:27:27 - 00:28:37 (DVD) Julie performs at Epstein bar 
The Orange PeelsSo Far
So Far
The Orange Peels, So Far, So Far
00:37:49 - 00:41:22 (DVD) At Julie's birthday party. 
The Orange PeelsSo Far
Pattern on the Wall
The Orange Peels, So Far, Pattern on the Wall
00:41:30 - 00:44:14 (DVD) At the end of the episode. 
1x20 - Docuventary:
(None known)     
1x21 - Connections:
BingeSwimsuit Issue
Movie Star
Binge, Swimsuit Issue, Movie Star
00:29:11 - 00:30:49 (DVD) Ben talks to Lynn at the bar 
Hank DogsBareback
Let Go
Hank Dogs, Bareback, Let Go
00:41:01 - 00:43:38 (DVD) At the end of the episode. 
1x22 - The Force:
(None known)     
1x23 - Felicity Was Here:
SqueezeEast Side Story
Squeeze, East Side Story, Tempted
00:14:24 - 00:15:43 (DVD) Felicity tells Noel she's coming with him. 
IvyApartment Life
I've Got A Feeling
Ivy, Apartment Life, I\'ve Got A Feeling
00:26:21 - 00:28:08 (DVD) Felicity wondering whether she should go with Ben. 
Beth OrtonCentral Reservation
Pass In Time
Beth  Orton, Central Reservation, Pass In Time
00:33:00 - 00:36:42 (DVD) When Noel packs and Felicity comes to talk to him. 
Sarah McLachlanMirrorball
I Will Remember You
Sarah  McLachlan, Mirrorball, I Will Remember You
00:40:40 - 00:43:54 (DVD) At the end of the episode. 
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