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The Fresh Beat Band

2009-2013 Ended/Cancelled
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The Fresh Beat Band is a live-action preschool musical sitcom set to original pop songs with preschool-friendly lyrics. Marina, Kiki, Twist, and Shout are the Fresh Beats--four best friends in a band who go to music school together and love to sing and dance.

For the Fresh Beats, just about any situation can lead to a full-blown song-and-dance performance. From the moment they wake up, everything that the Fresh Beats do is infused with musical fun. All songs embody an upbeat, contemporary format with preschool-friendly lyrics that the whole family will enjoy.
Main Cast
N/AJon Beavers
as Twist [S 1]
N/AShayna Rose
as Marina [S 1]
N/AThomas Hobson
as Shout [S 1]
N/AYvette Gonzalez-Nacer
as Kiki [S 1]
Recurring Cast
Hadley Fraser as Reed [S 1] (14)
Dioni Michelle Collins as Melody [S 1] (12)
Monica Lee Gradischek as Ms. Piccolo [S 1] (7)

Premiered on Network:
Nickelodeon in US

Also known as:
The JumpArounds

Genres: Family / Musical

Language: english  Runtime: 30 mins

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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
33 3x01Giant Pizza        |edit 2011-06-24  Discuss episode! 
34 3x02Graduation Day        |edit 2011-06-24  Discuss episode! 
35 3x03Balloon Buddy        |edit 2011-07-03  Discuss episode! 
36 3x04Presto Pants        |edit 2011-07-03  Discuss episode! 
37 3x05Cool Pool Party        |edit 2011-07-08  Discuss episode! 
38 3x06Mixed Up Musical        |edit 2011-07-10  Discuss episode! 
39 3x07Drum Party        |edit 2011-07-10  Discuss episode! 
40 3x08Follow the Leader        |edit 2011-07-17  Discuss episode! 
41 3x09Step It Up        |edit 2011-07-17  Discuss episode! 
42 3x10Jungle Jazz        |edit 2011-07-24  Discuss episode! 
43 3x11Ghost Band        |edit 2011-10-24  Discuss episode! 
44 3x12Veloci-Rap-Star        |edit 2011-11-04  Discuss episode! 
45 3x13Chimps in Charge        |edit 2011-11-11  Discuss episode! 
46 3x14Dance Floor Superhero        |edit 2011-11-18  Discuss episode! 
47 3x15Rock Star        |edit 2011-11-25  Discuss episode! 
48 3x16Bollywood Beats        |edit 2011-12-02  Discuss episode! 
49 3x17The Fresh Bots        |edit 2011-12-09  Discuss episode! 
50 3x18Royal Wedding        |edit 2012-02-10  Discuss episode! 
51 3x19Keepin' It Green        |edit 2012-04-20  Discuss episode! 
52 3x20Yo! Fresh Beats Go Gabba Gabba!        |edit 2012-06-08  Discuss episode! 
53 3x21Hoop Dreams        |edit 2012-08-19  Discuss episode! 
54 3x22Dance-A-Thon        |edit 2012-10-14  Discuss episode! 
55 3x23Laughing Dance Master        |edit 2013-02-10  Discuss episode! 
56 3x24Pink Swan        |edit 2013-10-13  Discuss episode! 
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