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The George Carlin Show

1994-1995 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
The daily adventures of New York cabdriver George O'Grady who, while not the weirdest man in New York, is "definitely in the top three." When not expounding his theories on government conspiracies and alien visitations to his fares, he hangs out at a local bar with his only-slightly-less-eccentric friends.

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Genres: Comedy

Language: english


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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
14 2x01George Gets a Big Surprise        |edit  1994-10-16  Discuss episode! 
15 2x02George Runs into an Old Friend        |edit  1994-10-23  Discuss episode! 
16 2x03George Goes Too Far        |edit  1994-10-30  Discuss episode! 
17 2x04George Gets Hoist By His Own Petard        |edit  1994-11-06  Discuss episode! 
18 2x05George Pulls the Plug        |edit  1994-11-13  Discuss episode! 
19 2x06George Gets Caught in the Middle        |edit  1994-11-27  Discuss episode! 
20 2x07George Really Does It This Time        |edit  1994-12-04  Discuss episode! 
21 2x08George Shoots Himself in the Foot        |edit  1994-12-11  Discuss episode! 
22 2x09George Does a Bad Thing        |edit  1994-12-18  Discuss episode! 
23 2x10George Puts on a Happy Face        |edit  1994-12-25  Discuss episode! 
24 2x12George Tells the Truth        |edit  1995-07-09  Discuss episode! 
25 2x13George Likes a Good War        |edit  1995-07-16  Discuss episode! 
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