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2004-2005 Ended/Cancelled
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Set in a remote English school, Hex is the chilling story of one girl's exploration of the supernatural and her own sexual awakening.

Cassie is a shy student who discovers she is cursed by terrifying links to the past. Longing to be popular, but only truly loved by her best friend, Cassie will come to realise she possesses dangerous powers.

Stalked by Azazeal, the leader of the Nephilim, it will fall to Cassie to fight against the powerful forces that threaten her existence.
Main Cast
N/AAmber Sainsbury
as Roxanne [S 1-2]
N/AAnatole Taubman
as Archangel Raphael [S 2]
N/AAnna Wilson-Jones
as Jo Watkins [S 1-2]
N/AChristina Cole
as Cassie [S 1-2]
N/AColin Salmon
as David Tyrel [S 1-2]
N/AJamie Davis
as Leon [S 1-2]
N/AJemima Rooper
as Thelma [S 1-2]
N/AJoseph Morgan
as Troy [S 1-2]
N/AJoseph Beattie
as Malachi [S 2]
N/ALaura Pyper
as Ella [S 2]
N/ALaura Donnelly
as Maya Robertson [S 2]
N/AMichael Fassbender
as Azazeal [S 1-2]
N/ARonan Vibert
as Mephistopheles [S 2]
N/ASam Troughton
as Jez Heriot [S 2]
N/AZoe Tapper
as Gemma [S 1]

Premiered on Network:
Sky One in UK

Also known as:
Hex: la mal├ędiction

Genres: Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / Horror

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins


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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
2x01Cursed  PDWC N|edit  2005-09-18  Discuss episode! 
2x02Death Takes the Mother  PDWC  |edit  2005-09-25  Discuss episode! 
SpecialHex: The Making  P    N|edit  2005-09-29  Discuss episode! 
2x03Spiral  PDWC  |edit  2005-10-02  Discuss episode! 
10 2x04Ella Burns  PDWC  |edit  2005-10-16  Discuss episode! 
11 2x05With a Little Help From My Friends (Part 1)  PDWC  |edit  2005-10-23  Discuss episode! 
12 2x06With a Little Help From My Friends (2)  PDWC  |edit  2005-10-30  Discuss episode! 
13 2x07Noir  PDWC  |edit  2005-11-06  Discuss episode! 
14 2x08Where The Heart Is  PDWC  |edit  2005-11-13  Discuss episode! 
15 2x09Doomed  PDWC  |edit  2005-11-20  Discuss episode! 
16 2x10You Loose  PDWC  |edit  2005-11-27  Discuss episode! 
17 2x11Hole  PDWC  |edit  2005-12-04  Discuss episode! 
18 2x127 Deadly Sins  PDWC  |edit  2005-12-11  Discuss episode! 
19 2x13The Showdown  PDWC  |edit  2005-12-18  4 Comments 
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