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I Survived... Beyond and Back

2010-2012 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
I Survived... Beyond and Back reveals one of life's greatest mysteries by profiling the extraordinary stories of people who have literally passed on to the other side. The series combines the compelling and emotionally gripping stories of I Survived... with the unexplainable experiences some people have when they are pronounced legally dead. Through first-person accounts and testimony from the medical personnel and family members who were present, I Survived... Beyond and Back will not only explore the survivor's encounter with death, but also the ways in which it has changed their outlook on life forever.

Premiered on Network:
BIO (The Biography Channel) in US

Genres: Documentary

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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1x01 - Chuck, Mike, Julie:
A man whose chest is crushed by a truck returns to life after being told by his deceased mother and grandmother to go back; a 16-year old has a heart attack and is dead for 20 minutes; and two colleagues die in a car crash, but only one returns to life.
1x02 - David, Laura, Barbara:
A teenager dies from decompression sickness; a bus driver who had a heart attack comes back to life after being dead for 57 minutes; and a woman dies in excruciating pain when the respiratory machine she was hooked onto malfunctions.
1x03 - Chris, Tricia, Karen:
A lawyer has two death experiences shortly after undergoing heart surgery; a young college student who dies in a car crash travels back to her childhood accompanied by angels; and a heart attack victim's deceased relative sends her back to life.
1x04 - Tony, Sharon, Bob:
A gospel singer falls victim to a gang shooting in Los Angeles. While paramedics fight to save his life, he hears a voice telling him it's not his time to die. He argues with the voice, saying that he doesn't want to go back to a cruel and painful world. But the voice is persistent and abruptly--after having been dead for 15 minutes--he returns to life. A woman, who contracts aids from her ex-husband, dies from her sickness but after speaking with "the light of God" she is convinced to return to  [...] (More)
1x05 - Dea, Matt, Anthony:
A woman, who has drowned in her own blood after a car accident, finds herself in the presence of God. A pest control salesman, electrocuted by a 110 volt wire, miraculously survives the massive jolt. And a heart attack victim lives to tell of his experience in the afterlife. All three people's lives are changed forever.
1x06 - Sandy, Matthew:
A woman is swept from a kayak and trapped under a rock until she drowns. And a man shot dead in a drive-by shooting experiences the horror of hell before a mysterious hand lifts him to safety.
1x07 - Tyrone, Noelle, Mick:
A man dies in a car crash and goes to hell. A 20-year-old girl falls from her horse and goes to heaven. And a man meets Moses after dying from a heart attack.
1x08 - Kathy, Martin, Lisa:
A woman dies when a charging bull causes her horse to rear, throwing her head first onto concrete. A teenager commits suicide overdosing on prescription pills. And on Christmas Eve a young mother has...
1x09 - Amanda, Matthew, Aimee:
Doctors work for three hours to bring a young mother back after she dies giving birth to twins. A young man drowns as a child and is revived but later in life commits suicide which results in a hell...
1x10 - Camron, Kathy, Robert:
A man dies from a shooting and loses his legs; a medical misadventure kills a woman during a C-section; and a man drops dead from a heart attack on a plane.
1x11 - Ashlee, Ray, Lisa:
A 21-year-old girl dies in a car crash and is comforted by a cowboy angel. A nine-year-old boy falls headfirst onto concrete and dies when a schoolyard judo move goes wrong. And a young mother drowns...
1x12 - Mesiah, Susan:
A man who can't swim falls into a swimming pool, hitting his head and drowning, and a woman dies during the C-section birth of her twins.
1x13 - Shelley, John, Jake:
A young mother with her four-year-old son skid off a flooded road and land upside down in a lake drowning both of them. A man dies from a massive heart attack. And a worker on an oil site is scalped...
1x14 - Lucas, Eben, Darlene:
A college boy is involved in a shocking car accident and flatlines numerous times. A neurosurgeon lapses into a coma with acute meningitis. And a woman is drowned while scuba diving.
1x15 - Dean, Tony, Lisa:
A doctor is struck dead by lightning at a family reunion, a man dies of toxic shock after a kidney stone operation and a young mother's liver fails from an overdose of antibiotics.
1x16 - Ann, Peter, Jennifer:
A TV producer's face is pulverised during a car accident while not wearing a seat-belt, and she suffocates on her own bone and tissue. A 17-year-old dancer is run off the road on his motor scooter and he dies on impact with a semi-truck. And a 13-year-old girl is struck by lightning while trying to crank down her father's radio tower during a storm.
1x17 - Linda, Jason, Bill:
(No plot available)
1x18 - John, Tiffani, Arlene:
(No plot available)
1x19 - Teresa, Ray, Linda:
(No plot available)
1x20 - Kerry, Kat, Christi-Ann:
(No plot available)
1x21 - Marcus, Michelle, Debbie:
(No plot available)
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