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The Innocence Project

2006-2007 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Champion of the underdog and a brilliant teacher, Professor Jon Ford (Lloyd Owen, Miss Potter – film for release 2006, Monarch Of The Glen) sets up The Innocence Project, peopled entirely by a hand-picked group of law students.

His passion for his subject ignites something new and exciting in his students.

They take on cases pro bono that nobody else wants to know about, cases that people have forgotten, cases that others have given up on.

They take on 'clients' with no hope – who have possibly been wrongly convicted. Fact – sometimes the English justice system fails.

Smart and with an infectious enthusiasm, Ford's team is made up of fresh faced 19-year-old uni students who choose to make a difference while still going through the serious business of growing up.

Their job is part investigator, part lawyer - and all before they're out of full time education.

Premiered on Network:
BBC-1 in UK

Genres: Drama

Language: english


The Innocence Project pulled from the schedule

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1x01 - Episode One:
The British Justice System gets it wrong. Fact. The causes are various – police or prosecution misconduct, mistaken IDs, false confessions or witness statements, poor representation, bad science – but when it happens the price is always enormous for those unlucky enough to be wrongly convicted. Under the guidance of Professor Jon FORD (Lloyd Owen), The Innocence Project team, peopled entirely by students, tries to make a difference while still going through the serious business of growing  [...] (More)
1x02 - Episode Two:
Absence of proof isn’t proof of absence. John McKenna was convicted of murdering his common law wife Vicki Doyle – but her body was never found. Adam finds it hard to believe that a conviction can be beyond reasonable doubt when there is no proof a crime has taken place. The evidence against McKenna is purely circumstantial. Nick thinks he is being punished by Ford, when he is given a witchcraft case that is nearly 400 years old. Sarah is thrown a curve ball when her boyfriend from home  [...] (More)
1x03 - Episode Three:
Martin Toal is vulnerable. He confessed to murder and then pleaded not guilty. He still claims he is innocent, he claims that he was never in the victim’s house. But there is evidence that he was – his fingerprint was found at the scene. The finger print expert has been wrong before. Beth believes the system has let Toal down. Adam has been mentoring a young lad, Dizzy, and he needs Adam’s help. Dizzy has an ASBO. Adam can’t change the law but can he get it overturned before Dizzy gets  [...] (More)
1x04 - Episode Four:
Should Co-Defendants be tried together? Peter Latif and David Canavan were tried together and convicted of murder. Canavan admitted to the robbery but in his statement he said it was Latif who stabbed the victim. Latif denied being involved at all. Canavan’s statement was read out in court but he did not testify. His evidence that Latif killed the victim could not be challenged. And while the jury was told not to accept it as evidence against Latif, they still heard it. Beth is appalled by  [...] (More)
1x05 - Episode Five:
An old face appears from Ford's past, asking for help, but Ford's not so sure he wants to get involved. The students attempt to help a convicted drug dealer get her sentence reduced. Rhiannon Hayes was convicted of selling drugs to an undercover policeman – but were the police more than just a willing buyer? Adam is forced to question his idealistic viewpoint when he fears Dizzy may have betrayed him.
1x06 - Episode Six:
A convicted murderer claims that rather than killing the victim, all he actually did was try and help. The students put expert evidence under the microscope. When Sarah and Beth get involved in a case the CPS passed over, Beth finds herself working for the other side with PC Todd, with unexpected rewards. Ford can't seem to shift the piles of work on his desk but has a good reason for taking so much on.
1x07 - Episode Seven:
The students are put to the test by the different claims and counter claims in a rape case. A notoriously difficult offence to get a conviction for - they wonder if it's something they should even be looking at. Ford is stumped when Sarah and Andrew want to discuss how to prove a retired police dog was an unreliable witness.
1x08 - Episode Eight:
The team struggle to prove that a murder case was, in fact, a suicide. Adam gets involved in the mechanics, while the others investigate the victim's state of mind. Ford may know more about the drugs which might have contributed to the victim's death than he's letting on. So he finds himself with several difficult decisions to make - both personally and professionally.
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