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The Inside Job

2007-2007 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of a home makeover show? When the camera stops rolling, wonder how those amazing transformations really happen? The Inside Job takes behind-the-scenes to a whole new level. Carter Oosterhouse, who Tyra Banks calls "America's Handyman," takes you backstage for the making of an HGTV show, revealing and teaching all his secrets. DIY's The Inside Job is an unscripted look at how Carter and his crew handle the stress of getting a job done on time, on budget and on TV! DIY cameras keep rolling after HGTV cameras shut off, capturing the kind of off-the-cuff moments that demystify how a makeover show truly goes from before to after.

Premiered on Network:
DIY Network in US

Genres: Reality-TV

Language: english  Runtime: 30 mins

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1x01 - Taking a Load Off:
(No plot available)
1x02 - Stumped for Storage?:
(No plot available)
1x03 - Playtime Anytime:
(No plot available)
1x04 - Starting from Scratch:
(No plot available)
1x05 - Shower Power:
(No plot available)
1x06 - On Desk Duty:
(No plot available)
1x07 - Garage for Parking and Partying:
Since their two-car garage is the biggest room at the house, the Cross family wants to clear it out and turn it into the entertainment hot-spot they desire... So, master carpenter Carter Oosterhouse and The Inside Job team are gearing up to clean the clutter, get down to basics, and roll in the fun. They're building everything on wheels, including storage benches and three rollaway tables... and this is a behind the scenes look at how they can get it all done — in two days flat! Carter's turning  [...] (More)
1x08 - Making a Table, a Door and So Much More:
A living room and dining room need two separate, but equal identities, and master carpenter Carter Oosterhouse and The Inside Job team are gonna get the job done — in only two days! They're creating a faux wall division with an ornate column and a custom dining room table for Carter's HGTV show, Carter Can... and he's taking you behind the scenes to show you how they do it all. Plus, he's got ready-made table legs, tips for creating invisible joints, and an environmentally friendly front door.
1x09 - All Hands on Deck:
How do you transform a dilapidated deck and run-down patio into a backyard oasis? Well, if you're master carpenter Carter Oosterhouse, you bring in your skilled team of carpenters, a television production crew, and get the whole thing done in only two days. Carter shows you how to custom build furniture that'll weather all kinds of weather AND he's got simple solutions to hiding screw heads. But, first the whole Inside Job crew has to tackle what might be lurking UNDER the deck!
1x10 - All in the Family Furniture:
This time, we've got a family room that's not quite reflecting our family: it's out-of-date and a little awkward. So, master carpenter Carter Oosterhouse and The Inside Job team need to bring this room into the 21st century. They're building an entertainment center and a mantle cover out of a new, unique material. And, Carter's got quick tips to updating a kitchen and creating functional art. But, with design plans changing behind-the-scenes, it's hard to see how these guys are going to get  [...] (More)
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