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The Invisible Man

2000-2002 Ended/Cancelled
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Darien Fawkes is a thief and conman with a scientist brother, Kevin. Kevin develops a gland that allows the implantee to excrete "Quicksilver" and turn invisible. Unfortunately, the gland has the side effect of rendering the implantee berserk if a counteragent isn't occasionally injected. Darien agrees to the operation to avoid a jail sentence. Terrorists kill Kevin, leaving Darien with the gland stuck in his head. A mysterious "Agency" was behind Kevin's research, and offer Darien a deal: work for them in return for injections of the Counteragent. Using his powers of invisibility, Darien takes on spies and other criminals for the government.

Premiered on Network:
Syfy (formerly SciFi) in US

Genres: Comedy / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Language: english


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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
25 2x01Legends 801 PD C  |edit  2001-04-13  Discuss episode! 
26 2x02The Camp 802 PD C  |edit  2001-04-20  Discuss episode! 
27 2x03The Importance of Being Eberts 803 PD C  |edit  2001-04-27  Discuss episode! 
28 2x04Johnny Apocalypse 804 PD C  |edit  2001-06-15  Discuss episode! 
29 2x05Going Postal 805 PD C  |edit  2001-06-22  Discuss episode! 
30 2x06Brother's Keeper 806 PD C  |edit  2001-06-29  Discuss episode! 
31 2x07Insensate 807 PD C  |edit  2001-07-06  Discuss episode! 
32 2x08Den of Thieves 808 PD C  |edit  2001-07-13  Discuss episode! 
33 2x09Bad Chi 809 PD C  |edit  2001-07-20  Discuss episode! 
34 2x10Flash to Bang 811 PD C  |edit  2001-07-27  Discuss episode! 
35 2x11Germ Theory 813 PD    |edit  2001-08-03  Discuss episode! 
36 2x12The Choice 814 PD C  |edit  2001-08-10  Discuss episode! 
37 2x13Immaterial Girl 812 PD C  |edit  2001-08-17  Discuss episode! 
38 2x14Father Figure 816 PD C  |edit  2001-08-24  Discuss episode! 
39 2x15A Sense of Community 810 PD C  |edit  2001-09-07  Discuss episode! 
40 2x16The Three Phases of Claire 815 PD C  |edit  2001-09-14  Discuss episode! 
41 2x17Exposed 817 PD C  |edit  2001-09-28  Discuss episode! 
42 2x18The Invisible Woman 819 PD C  |edit  2002-01-04  Discuss episode! 
43 2x19Mere Mortals 818 PD C  |edit  2002-01-11  Discuss episode! 
44 2x20Possessed 820 PD C  |edit  2002-01-18  Discuss episode! 
45 2x21Enemy of My Enemy 821 PD C  |edit  2002-01-25  Discuss episode! 
46 2x22The New Stuff 822 PD C  |edit  2002-02-01  Discuss episode! 
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