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Jack of All Trades

2000-2000 Ended/Cancelled
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American spy/adventurer Jack Stiles is sent by Thomas Jefferson to the tiny South Pacific island of Polau Polau to work with British spy Emilia Rothschild to stop the advances of the French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte in his bid for world conquest.

Premiered on Network:
(syndicated) in US

Also known as:
Jack, le vengeur masqué

Genres: Action / Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy

Language: english


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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
15 2x01A Horse of a Different Color 1322       |edit  2000-10-07  Discuss episode! 
16 2x02Shark Bait 1319?       |edit  2000-10-14  Discuss episode! 
17 2x03Monkey Business 1323       |edit  2000-10-28  Discuss episode! 
18 2x04The Morning After 1325       |edit  2000-11-04  Discuss episode! 
19 2x05Croquey in the Pokey 1321       |edit  2000-11-11  Discuss episode! 
20 2x06One, Two, Three, Give Me Lady Liberty 1324       |edit  2000-11-18  Discuss episode! 
21 2x07Hamnesia 1315       |edit  2000-11-25  Discuss episode! 
22 2x08Seventy Brides for One Brother 1320       |edit  2000-12-02  Discuss episode! 
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