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2007-2007 Ended/Cancelled
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It's 2007 and there's a new Dr Jekyll, with an old problem - Mr Hyde. But they have a deal - a body share – and an impossible life is somehow lived.

James Nesbitt (Murphy's Law, Cold Feet) takes the much-coveted lead role in this six-part thriller alongside Denis Lawson, Gina Bellman, Michelle Ryan and Meera Syal.

What Hyde doesn't know: Jekyll is married. There's a wife and two children he'll do anything to protect from his dark side. With all the resources of modern technology, and the best surveillance hardware, he's determined to keep his dark side in line. He's done a deal with his own devil.

What neither of them knows: an ancient organisation, with limitless wealth and power, is monitoring their every move, and a plan over a century in the making is coming to fruition.

The return of Dr Jekyll is no accident.

Writer Steven Moffat (Doctor Who) has taken a modern twist on the classic tale of scientific misadventure, which he describes as "somewhere between a modern horror story and The Odd Couple."

Jekyll is a Hartswood Films Production in association with Stagescreen Productions.
Main Cast
N/ADenis Lawson
as Peter Syme [S 1]
N/AFenella Woolgar
as Min [S 1]
© Photo: Michael MullerGina Bellman
as Alice / Claire Jackman [S 1]
N/AJames Nesbitt
as Dr. Jekyll / Dr. Tom Jackman / Mr. Hyde [S 1]
N/ALinda Marlowe
as Ms Utterson [S 1]
N/AMeera Syal
as Miranda [S 1]
N/AMichelle Ryan
as Katherine Reimer [S 1]
N/APaterson Joseph
as Benjamin [S 1]
Recurring Cast
Matt King as Freeman [S 1] (5)
Andrew Byrne as Eddie Jackman [S 1] (4)
Bruce Mackinnon as Malcolm [S 1] (4)
Christopher Day as Harry Jackman [S 1] (4)
Malcolm Storry as Colonel Hart [S 1] (3)

Premiered on Network:
BBC-1 in UK

Genres: Thriller

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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1x01 - Episode 1:
Tom Jackman, the only living descendent of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, is a new man with an old problem. He's fighting back, but can he keep his wife and children safe from the night shift? And are all the resources of 21st Century surveillance technology enough to keep a Victorian demon in check?
1x02 - Episode 2:
Tom is desperate to keep his children safe from the being within himself but he finds it difficult to ignore the voices he is hearing.
1x03 - Episode 3:
Tom wakes up in a guest house to find himself with a deep bite mark on his thumb. To his horror, there's also a message threatening his children scrawled in blood on the wall. He begins to wonder whether his alter ego is taking control and sets out to find his family before they are harmed. Arriving at Syme's house, he discovers Claire wearing one of her favourite dresses - making him suspect his best friend is having an affair with his wife.
1x04 - Episode 4:
Desperate to discover the whereabouts of her children and find out why her claustrophobic husband is locked inside a box, Claire visits Syme to demand answers. Flashbacks reveal the circumstances behind Claire and Tom's first meeting.
1x05 - Episode 5:
In the Edinburgh of 1886, Robert Louis Stevenson visits Mr Hyde, who is dying because he can no longer control the changes and his last secret is set to follow him to the grave when he burns a vital piece of paper. In present-day London, Colonel Hart's men point their guns at Tom and Malcolm.
1x06 - Episode 6:
Claire wakes up from sedation to find her children have been taken away from her, before Sophia reveals the devastating truth about Tom's involvement with Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Meanwhile, renowned mercenary Carver is offered an unlimited sum to capture Jackman's malevolent alter ego.
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Guide available in: english german