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John Edward Cross Country

2006-2008 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
It's always difficult to come to terms with losing a loved one. Now world-renowed medium John Edward will help easing the grieving process with his unusual gift.

Watch as families begin the emotional journey towards coping and acceptance and find out the real stories behind John's personal readings.

Premiered on Network:
WE (Women's Entertainment) in US

Genres: Reality-TV

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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3x01 - Heroes:
Melody Thomas Scott of The Young and the Restless is reunited with some very influential men in her life. Plus, the actress gets a casting call from the other side...
3x02 - Holidays:
Holidays can be a painful time after the loss of a loved one, but through messages from the other side, John helps two parents make incredible leaps of faith to celebrate again. Plus, the winners of a WE tv contest have a John Edward wish fulfilled...
3x03 - Remember the Good Times:
Happier moments are treasured after a tumultuous mother-daughter relationship is healed from beyond. Plus, Thaao Penghlis, leading man of Days of Our Lives, relives his past after his parents reconcile from beyond...
3x04 - Together, Forever:
The other side psychically stirs it up for one law enforcement couple. Plus, John’s visit to a fan in Pennsylvania echoes the most important message of all...
3x05 - The Light:
This episode begins as John is connecting with a mom in the audience named Gail, who has lost her daughter, Anjuli, in a car accident. From the other side Anjuli reveals that even though she was driving, she was not responsible for her and her boyfriend’s passing. This psychic message releases a stream of relief for both Gail and her husband Jeremy – as told to the show on a visit to their Massachusetts home. Back in the gallery, John connects with four women relatives who originally  [...] (More)
3x06 - Four Psychics:
A visit to Montana reveals how one family’s amazing reading reinforced their faith in the after-life. Plus, John puts three top psychics in the hot seat to help explain the mediumship process...
3x07 - Still With Us:
On this show entitled "Still with Us" – John connects us all together as extended family, just by watching. Don’t miss as one mother in the hereafter reaches out to her daughters, and a husband in Philadelphia surprises his wife with a phone reading...
3x08 - Energy Abounds:
John looks at energy transcending into the afterlife, and in this episode a father comes through for a grieving daughter. Then, John travels to Hollywood, Calif. to sit down with Desperate Housewives star Brenda Strong...
3x09 - Spiritual Fuel:
On this episode of John Edward Cross Country—television’s favorite psychic continues his life’s work, connecting the spiritual and physical worlds. A special segment at the end of the program validates that John is not alone in his beliefs. It documents viewer response to the WE tv Afterlife Survey. The show begins with John reading a woman named Sheila in his NYC studio. She hears from her parents. Her father, who died before Sheila could get home to be with him, knows exactly where Shelia  [...] (More)
3x10 - Keeping the Faith:
A family drowning in grief reunites. Plus, actress Jasmine Guy, star of Dead Like Me, doesn't mind the surprise from the other side...
3x11 - The Process:
A New Jersey family explains how their reading with John helped their grieving process with a recent cancer death. Plus, John reveals when he decided to dedicate himself to this work...
3x12 - Soul Song:
The winner of the WEtv.com Soul Song contest is revealed! A family from upstate New York wrote an essay about the life and death of their 12-year-old son Dustin, and songstress Cindy Campo creates a beautiful song in his honor...
Choose Season: 1 | 2 | 3 | All Seasons
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Guide available in: english