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Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge

1994-1994 Ended/Cancelled
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Alan Partridge is the hilariously unprofessional host of the cheesiest talk show imaginable. Self-absorbed and further handicapped with an ABBA fixation, Alan confronts an endless parade of C-list celebrities week after week with mounting frustration and antagonism.
Main Cast
N/ASteve Coogan
as Alan Partridge [S 1]
Recurring Cast
Steve Brown as Glenn Ponder [S 1] (6)

Premiered on Network:
BBC-2 in UK

Genres: Comedy / Talk-Show

Language: english


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1x01 - Sue Lewis, Keith Hunt, Shona McGough:
Alan's guests were show jumper Sue Lewis, who refused to play along with the jumping trial, Keith Hunt a lively presenter who Alan surprised by revealing his son and singer Shona McGough, who had an ugly mood swing whilst performing. Final guest Roger Moore got stuck in traffic thus making Alan's 'An Audience with Roger Moore' a bit of a let down.
1x02 - Daniella Forest, Tony Le Mesmer:
Playboy's Agony Aunt Daniella Forest turned out not to be quite what she appeared and hypnotist and magician Tony Le Mesmer scared Alan by throwing knives at him in the second show. Alan's final guests in this episode were a famous Hollywood couple, the interview went downhill when he asked the ex-engineer actor to mend a photocopier
1x03 - Hot Pants:
An American Singing Star, a sleazy Fleet Street reporter and the 1936 Berlin Olympics women’s hurdles relay team were the guests insulted by Alan in this third episode. The show also featured Hot Pants, Europe's hottest dance act who didn't quite turn out to be the same sex as Alan had anticipated.
1x04 - Cirque des Clownes:
Things really went downhill in the fourth French-Themed Knowing Me, Knowing You broadcast in which Alan insulted a French Chef and a Fashion Designer. Alan also got a little irritated when the Light Comedy Act's content turned rather adult and Glen Ponder (the show's band) ganged up on him causing him to fire them live on air.
1x05 - Terry Norton:
With Glen Ponder back (pending an industrial tribunal) things are a little tense in the studio during the penultimate broadcast. Alan's first guest, suspected murderer and gangland criminal Terry Norton didn't help things. Unsurprisingly the political debate Alan hosted didn't go too well either with war breaking out between the Tories, Labour and the head-slappers (lead by Lt. Col. Kojak Slaphead III).
1x06 - Joe Beasley and Cheeky Monkey:
Hollywood kids, Alan Partridge masks, lesbians, some poor comedy from Cheeky Monkey and a snooty restaurant critic send Alan round the bend in the final episode of the series. Things end fittingly when Alan is arrested for accidentally shooting and killing the critic Forbes McAllister live on air.
Special - Knowing Me, Knowing Yule:
In this Christmas Special (which is still presented as if it were a real, live TV show) Alan manages to totally and utterly ruin his chances of getting a second series by punching Chief Commissioning BBC Editor Tony Hayers, setting fire to the set, irritating the studio audience and insulting the guests.
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