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Land Girls

2009-2011 Ended/Cancelled
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BBC One Daytime commemorates the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War with a new five-part all-star period drama Land Girls.

The drama follows the lives and loves of four girls away from home, striving to do their bit for Britain in the Women's Land Army (WLA) while trying to come to terms with the fact that their lives may never be the same again. Land Girls follows the girls as they adapt to their new surroundings, and knuckle down to some hard work and play.

Against the backdrop of war-weary Forties Britain, Land Girls is set on the Hoxley Estate, as the girls balance their working lives at the run-down Pasture Farm, and the opulent Hoxley Manor. Nancy, Joyce, Bea and Annie have all joined the WLA for very different reasons, but they all have one common goal to serve their country and help win the war.

The drama follows the women as they try to live out their lives in very challenging circumstances, with lots of laughter and tears along the way.
Main Cast
N/ABecci Gemmell
as Joyce Fisher [S 1]
N/AChristine Bottomley
as Annie Barratt [S 1]
N/AJo Woodcock
as Bea Holloway [S 1]
N/ASummer Strallen
as Nancy Morrell [S 1]
Recurring Cast
Danny Webb as Sgt Dennis Tucker [S 1] (5)
Liam Boyle as Billy Finch [S 1] (5)
Mark Benton as Frederick Finch [S 1] (5)
Mykola Allen as Martin Reeves [S 1] (5)
Nathaniel Parker as Lord Lawrence Hoxley [S 1] (5)
Susan Cookson as Esther Reeves [S 1] (5)

Premiered on Network:
BBC-1 in UK

Genres: Drama

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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BBC recommissions award-winning Land Girls

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1x01 - Childhood's End:
Four girls have different reasons for joining the Women's Land Army: patriotic Joyce wants to 'do her bit', argumentative Nancy is there under sufferance, and sensible Annie joined so that her younger sister Bea could escape an abusive father. Bea rebels from her sister's control and finds herself enthralled by a charming GI, Cal Gillespie, while at the dance Nancy tries to get closer to Lord Hoxley.
1x02 - Secrets:
Bea has been hiding her pregnancy from everyone for three months, but it is becoming increasingly difficult. Tucker is on the prowl for enemy sympathisers and Nancy is in his sights. Farmer Finch gets involved in a scam to flog home-made carrot whiskey, while Lord Hoxley realises that his marriage is over - and this drives him into the arms of Nancy. Meanwhile, Tucker finds Annie to tell her the devastating news that her husband has been killed in action.
1x03 - Codes of Honour:
Three months on, and Annie is not dealing very well with Harry's death. Nancy and Lawrence's attraction has blossomed into a full-on affair. Meanwhile, Esther is screening Nancy's letters for Sergeant Tucker, fearing that she might be a Nazi collaborator. Joyce, the patriot, has a dilemma - should she shelter her deserter husband or turn him in? Farmer Finch's old enemy Ernest Luckhurst, a food rations officer, arrives at the farm and is intent on catching him out.
1x04 - Trekkers:
Farmer Finch hires some 'trekkers', families displaced by the bombing, as cheap labour, but when there is then a break-in at the manor house Lady Hoxley orders Finch to get rid of them all. A riot ensues and Tucker gets the dogs out. The Hoxleys hold a swanky party, but after clashing with Nancy over a visit to her husband John, Joyce tells Lady Hoxley about the affair. Billy finally proposes to Bea, but she goes into labour before she can answer.
1x05 - Destinies:
Bea prepares for her wedding to Billy and discovers that Finch has doubts about her motives. Determined to leave, Nancy is shocked to the core when Ellen reveals Lawrence's dark secret. Will Annie choose her duty to Harry or her love for Adam? Meanwhile, Tucker sets out on a trail of murderous revenge that will have shocking consequences for Nancy, Annie, Bea and Joyce.
2x01 - Back to the Land:
Land Girls returns with added spice, as new girl Connie - young, brash and sexy with the voice of an angel - is set to cause trouble on the farm. This is bad news for young mum Bea, as her husband Billy is on Connie's radar. Meanwhile, Farmer Finch is forced to enter his pet pig Chamberlain into the county show; if he can win, he would be exempt from slaughter. Lady Ellen Hoxley is overrun with Americans when the manor is temporarily commandeered for military planning, and it is one American in  [...] (More)
2x02 - Displaced Loyalties:
Bea falls under the spell of an Italian POW, while Connie sings for the troops and flirts with a bashful piano player. Martin has detached retinas from his fall, and then finds out that his injured friend has been lying to him - who is he? Lady Hoxley's sister, Diana, is on a mission to help Jack find his illegitimate grandson, and in the process snag herself a wealthy American. Finch is doing his contraband deals again, but Mrs Gulliver, the town 'harpy', has got him nailed.
2x03 - Final Reckoning:
Connie finds out her new love is a bit more than a piano player. Joyce is aware something is not right with Martin, and it is not just his failing eyesight; she follows him and falls into the hands of the armed and dangerous German airman. Esther needs to find the cash to pay for Martin's operation, and Finch helps by setting up a boxing match with old adversary Vernon - winner takes all.
2x04 - Fight the Good Fight:
Connie becomes concerned that a young evacuee is in danger, while Joyce is still in shock, as the German on the run has been shot dead. Lady Ellen decides to make an effort to show Jack her warm side, to the alarm of her jealous sister. Meanwhile, Jack tries to convince Bea that Chicago is the safest place for her and her baby. Esther decides to take radical action to try and find the money to save Martin's eyesight.
2x05 - Darkest Hours:
Connie stands up to the overbearing Bishop in order to win Henry's respect. Finch blows his top when he discovers how Esther received the money for Martin's operation. Joyce is angry and disillusioned with the Land Army, and she forces Tucker into an admission of guilt. Lady Hoxley's sister Diana is part of Jack's plan to make a getaway with Bea and the baby. Billy's family is being ripped apart, and he seems disinterested; what is he hiding?
3x01 - Home to Roost:
As Hoxley Manor is transformed into a military hospital Ellen is confronted by a blast from the past. Connie and Henry plan their engagement party and Joyce finally receives news about John. A new arrival at Pasture Farm befriends Iris whilst Finch makes a lucrative discovery in Mrs Gulliver's garden...
3x02 - The War in the Fields:
When Iris has a near fatal miss on Vernon's farm, Connie throws down the gauntlet: it's land girls versus farmers! Whilst Finch has to protect his hidden treasure, a visiting local dignitary makes Ellen a tempting offer. Meanwhile Esther is desperate to keep her secret from the local gossips.
3x03 - The Enemy Within:
Esther faces up to her pregnancy and starts to explore her options. Ellen's history with dashing Dr Channing threatens their blossoming romance and Henry learns the truth about Connie's past with Danny. Meanwhile John has flashbacks to his escape from France and Iris panics when her lamb goes missing.
3x04 - Farewell My Lovely:
Danny threatens to hurt Henry if Connie doesn't submit to his will. Ellen considers if she can trust the man she loves. As Joyce and John grow closer John struggles with guilt over his infidelity. A revelation drives Martin even further away from Esther. Iris is in mourning whilst Walter and Frank square up for a fight with disastrous consequences.
3x05 - Last Days Of Summer:
Events spiral out of control for Connie when her shady past catches up with her. Iris makes a shocking discovery, whilst John is given some crushing news and Esther decides to face her critics in the village. Meanwhile, can Ellen keep up the pretence with Richard?
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