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Las Vegas Jailhouse

2010-2012 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
This action-packed series takes you behind the scenes and behind Las Vegas Jails. It's an in-depth look at law enforcement officers doing their job in a city that never sleeps.

Premiered on Network:
truTV (formerly Court TV) in US

Genres: Reality-TV

Language: english  Runtime: 30 mins

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1x01 - Episode 1:
First, during a strip search, officers discover a male inmate with a fetish for women's lingerie. Then, a young couple arrested for stealing a puppy gets caught trying to "make a baby" in the restroom. Plus, a pregnant woman vows to get her life back on track after being arrested for prostitution.
1x02 - Episode 2:
First, a young man on meth discovers the naked truth about his addiction. Then, a young prostitute recounts her life on the street. Plus, a jail trustee gets busted passing a love note to a female inmate.
1x03 - Episode 3:
First officers resort to tough tactics when a man who is brought in for trespassing decides to get physical. Then, a senior is brought in for hitting her husband after he taunted her about a decades-long affair. Plus, a veteran prostitute opens up about her aspirations of running an escort business.
1x04 - Episode 4:
First, a frustrated inmate pays the price for giving officers a piece of his mind. Then, the jail Chaplin reaches out to a teary pro. And a drunk and disorderly Canadian woman demands release from her "U.S. oppressors".
1x05 - Episode 5:
A male transgender/former Green Beret spills his life story after being brought in on prostitution charges. Then, a domestic violence suspect who claims his father is a big-time lawyer threatens officers over alleged harsh treatment. And, a young woman arrested for DUI reveals she's a dental hygienist by day, stripper by night.
1x06 - Episode 6:
A wanna-be rock star brought in on drug charges shows off his vocals. Then, officers refuse a volatile woman's request for beer. And, a young inmate's crocodile tears fail to convince officers she's ready for a lifestyle change.
1x07 - Episode 7:
An inmate gives officers a hard time during his pat-down, but later makes it up to them with a guitar solo. Then, a married couple in need of fast money gets busted after passing a bogus prescription, and a novice pot farmer is arrested when stopped by police for a traffic violation.
1x08 - Episode 8:
A drugged up gang banger is caught selling prescription drugs. Then, a woman accused of physically assaulting her husband claims it's all one big lie. And, two out of control cousins spend time in isolation after physically threatening the cops.
2x01 - Episode 1:
When a senior citizenís one-liners donít go over well with jailhouse staff, officers are forced to cage his lounge act. Plus, a 5-foot tall female is booked for assaulting her 6-foot-9 boyfriend, and a couple of combative inmates are placed in restraint chairs when their aggression gets out of hand.
2x02 - Episode 2:
Police arrest an elderly gentleman who decided to go for a swim at the Mirage Hotel Ö in the buff. Even worse, heís still in his birthday suit when police escort him through the jailhouse doors. Plus, a female inmate goes ballistic when she thinks police officers are mishandling her personal property. And, a young man arrested on burglary charges is more concerned about his milk allergy than his arrest.
2x03 - Episode 3:
During a pat down, officers discover an inmate using her bra as a holster for her stun gun, a DUI suspect breaks down in tears when a blood draw reminds him of his father's drug overdose, and the Emergency Response Team springs into action when an inmate serving time for murder attacks a prisoner in the cellblock next door.
2x04 - Episode 4:
A young inmate just weeks away from graduating college is devastated when officers reveal to him for the first time that he killed a man while driving drunk. A woman brought in on DUI charges demonstrates to officers how she ďrockedĒ her field sobriety test, and a loudmouth who canít shut his trap is carted off to isolation.
2x05 - Episode 5:
First, a "drama queen" wearing nothing but her nightgown is brought in after assaulting the cab driver she insists was trying to kill her. Then, a former meth addict describes to officers how she assaulted her husband with a hot pot of tomato sauce. Plus, a mother is charged with leaving her kids inside a locked car while she hit the tables.
2x06 - Episode 6:
First, a homeless man arrested for drinking in public has a hard time keeping his pants up. Then, officers are forced to separate two inmates when theyíre caught kissing in the open booking area. Plus, a pat down of one female inmate reveals a hidden stash in her bra.
2x07 - Episode 7:
First, an inebriated inmate humors officers with his Houdini-like ability to free his legs from restraints. Then, a young woman arrested for hitting her mother refuses to take responsibility for her actions. And, an inmate threatens guards who stepped on his $300 sneakers.
2x08 - Episode 8:
First, an inmate kicks out a patrol car door before giving officers a piece of his mind. Then, a woman is brought in on charges she ran over her ex-husband's legs with her car. And, a man takes out his frustration on guards after getting arrested for assaulting his boss's wife.
2x09 - Episode 9:
First, officers are forced to go "hands on" when a homeless man brought it on charges of public intoxication goes bonkers. Then, an uncooperative inmate blames his behavior on a litany of medical problems. And, a disruptive female brought in on trespassing tries to justify her actions by claiming she's Jesus Christ.
2x10 - Episode 10:
A scantily-clad woman busted for using a fake ID refuses to don jail garb, an inmate breaks down in tears after telling officers about his meth addiction, and a loud-mouth who canít handle her alcohol very well is carted off to isolation.
3x01 - Episode 1:
A tough guy turns cry baby when officers are forced to draw blood, a 'drunk' driver threatens to bite off the noses and toes of her arresting officers, and an inmate hasnít the slightest clue how she wound up in police custody.
3x02 - Episode 2:
Itís restraint chair time for two loudmouth inmates, a young mother confides in guards about her meth addiction, and a couple of pros break down the concept of "ho-cializing."
3x03 - Episode 3:
A six-pack, stolen car, and standoff with police lands a lush behind bars, a night of karaoke somehow turns into a domestic violence charge, and a belligerent boozer nearly comes to blows with a cellmate.
3x04 - Episode 4:
Fighting quickly turns to flirting when inmates of the opposite sex are forced into isolation, a 'drunk' driver spins quite the yarn to get out of his eighth arrest, and a fight over Facebook lands a dope and his dame in some serious hot water.
3x05 - Episode 5:
A scantily-clad female gets booked for slapping her beau at a Sin City hotspot, boobs and bras make for lively conversation between an inmate and one of the guards, and an admitted drug dealer explains his trade.
3x06 - Episode 6:
Emotionally unstable inmates forced to share a side cell nearly come to blows, a woman busted for drunk driving gives officers a face full of attitude, and a fast-driving, cash-toting hustler brought in on DUI charges professes his desire to turn his life around.
3x07 - Episode 7:
It's a crash course in supply and demand when two young prostitutes break down the economics of their trade, guards are forced to use tough tactics when a female booked on DUI charges refuses to cooperate, and two women busted for shoplifting get the surprise of their lives when they find out they could face up to a decade behind bars.
3x08 - Episode 8:
A man arrested for using a public street as his personal urinal is happy to admit the error of his ways, too much bubbly results in a couple spending "date night" in the county jail, and cops break out the smelling salts when a DUI suspect blacks out in booking.
3x09 - Episode 9:
A couple gets booked on domestic violence charges after fighting in a local restaurant, irony meets comedy when an elderly woman won't shut up about her husband trying to stuff a sock in her mouth, and a man is arrested for lewdness after security cameras catch him having a private moment in a public parking lot.
3x10 - Episode 10:
A Turkish tourist brought in on public intoxication charges is convinced the medical staff are really undercover CIA operatives, a homeless man's bizarre behavior and passion for karate earn him a one-way ticket to isolation, and a Canadian man with no ID and no pants challenges guards to an arm-wrestling competition.
4x01 - Episode 1:
(No plot available)
4x02 - Episode 2:
(No plot available)
4x03 - Episode 3:
(No plot available)
4x04 - Episode 4:
(No plot available)
4x05 - Episode 5:
(No plot available)
4x06 - Episode 6:
(No plot available)
4x07 - Episode 7:
(No plot available)
4x08 - Episode 8:
(No plot available)
4x09 - Episode 9:
(No plot available)
4x10 - Episode 10:
(No plot available)
5x01 - Episode 1:
(No plot available)
5x02 - Episode 2:
(No plot available)
5x03 - Episode 3:
(No plot available)
5x04 - Episode 4:
(No plot available)
5x05 - Episode 5:
(No plot available)
5x06 - Episode 6:
(No plot available)
5x07 - Episode 7:
(No plot available)
5x08 - Episode 8:
(No plot available)
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