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Last Resort

2012-2013 Ended/Cancelled
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500 feet beneath the ocean's surface, the U.S. ballistic missile submarine Colorado receives their orders. Over a radio channel, designed only to be used if their homeland has been wiped out, they're told to fire nuclear weapons at Pakistan.

Captain Marcus Chaplin (Andre Braugher) demands confirmation of the orders only to be unceremoniously relieved of duty by the White House. XO Sam Kendal (Scott Speedman) finds himself suddenly in charge of the submarine and facing the same difficult decision. When he also refuses to fire without confirmation of the orders, the Colorado is targeted, fired upon, and hit. The submarine and its crew find themselves crippled on the ocean floor, declared rogue enemies of their own country. Now, with nowhere left to turn, Chaplin and Kendal take the sub on the run and bring the men and women of the Colorado to an exotic island. Here they will find refuge, romance and a chance at a new life, even as they try to clear their names and get home.
Main Cast
© Photo: Danny FeldAndre Braugher
as Captain Marcus Chaplin [S 1]
N/AAutumn Reeser
as Kylie Sinclair [S 1]
N/ACamille De Pazzis
as Sophie Gerard [S 1]
N/ADaisy Betts
as Lieutenant Grace Shepard [S 1]
N/ADaniel Lissing
as SEAL Officer James King [S 1]
N/ADichen Lachman
as Tani Tumrenjack [S 1]
© TM & © Cable News Network. A Time Warner Company. All Rights Reserved.Jessy Schram
as Christine Kendal [S 1]
N/ARobert Patrick
as Master Chief Joseph Prosser [S 1]
N/ASahr Ngaujah
as Mayor Julian Serrat [S 1]
N/AScott Speedman
as XO Sam Kendal [S 1]
Recurring Cast
Jessica Camacho as Seaman Pilar Cortez [S 1] (10)
Michael Ng as Sonar Operator Cameron Pitts [S 1] (10)
David Rees Snell as SEAL Barry Hopper [S 1] (9)
Jay Hernandez as Paul Wells [S 1] (7)
Jay Karnes as Secretary of Defense William Curry [S 1] (7)
Bruce Davison as Admiral Arthur Shepard [S 1] (6)
Daniel Bess as Lt. Chris Cahill [S 1] (6)
Will Rothhaar as Seaman Josh Brannan [S 1] (6)
Michael Gaston as Bennett Sinclair [S 1] (5)
Omid Abtahi as Nigel [S 1] (5)

Premiered on Network:

Genres: Drama / Thriller

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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ABC Drama ’Last Resort’ Cancelled

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