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The Lot

1999-2001 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
The show opens with the "gossip of the day" in which a Hedda Hopper-ized Holland Taylor mixes tales of the studio era, circa 1937, with the behind the scenes stories of our friends at the mythical Silver Screen Pictures. The plot then develops, often containing crude references to real life stars of yesteryear combined with failed attempts at witty dialogue and plot points that are often inconceivable, i.e. random "raids" on various parties and clubs, although prohibition ended 4 years earlier. The show ends the same way it began, with a sometimes drunk Hedda-Holland giving us a bit of "juicy gossip" about our "favorite" stars, then proceeding to insult them once her radio minute is over.

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Genres: Comedy / Drama

Language: english


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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
2x01New Mogul in Town 201       |edit  2001-01-07  Discuss episode! 
2x02Hooked on Hollywood 202       |edit  2001-01-14  Discuss episode! 
2x03The Portable Libby Wilson 203       |edit  2001-01-21  Discuss episode! 
2x04Detox 204       |edit  2001-01-28  Discuss episode! 
2x05The Accident 205       |edit  2001-02-04  Discuss episode! 
10 2x06Nebraska Johnston 206       |edit  2001-02-11  Discuss episode! 
11 2x07Daddy Dearest 207       |edit  2001-02-25  Discuss episode! 
12 2x08Stiffed 208       |edit  2001-03-04  Discuss episode! 
13 2x09Danny Matthews Takes a Wife 209       |edit  2001-03-18  Discuss episode! 
14 2x10The Mob Scene 210       |edit  2001-03-25  Discuss episode! 
15 2x11Oscar's Wlld 211       |edit  2001-04-01  Discuss episode! 
16 2x12Kids [aka Worshipping at Shirley's Temple] 212       |edit  2001-04-08  Discuss episode! 
17 2x1322 Ap 213       |edit (unknown) Discuss episode! 
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