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The Lyon's Den

2003-2003 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Legal drama staring and produced by Rob Lowe. Lowe is an idealistic attorney looking to make his mark on the world apart from his powerful, state senator father.

Premiered on Network:

Genres: Drama

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins


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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
1x01Pilot  PD C  |edit  2003-09-28  Discuss episode! 
1x02The Other Side of Caution  P  C  |edit  2003-10-05  Discuss episode! 
1x03Things She Said  P  C  |edit  2003-10-12  Discuss episode! 
1x04Hubris  PD C  |edit  2003-10-19  Discuss episode! 
1x05Trick or Treat  P  C  |edit  2003-10-26  Discuss episode! 
1x06Ex 105 P  C  |edit  2003-11-30  Discuss episode! 
1x07The Quantum Theory  P  C  |edit (unknown) Discuss episode! 
1x08Separation Anxiety 107 P  C  |edit (unknown) Discuss episode! 
1x09Blood 109 P  C  |edit (unknown) Discuss episode! 
10 1x10Duty to Save  P     |edit (unknown) Discuss episode! 
11 1x11Beach House  P  C  |edit (unknown) Discuss episode! 
12 1x12Privileged 112 P  C  |edit (unknown) Discuss episode! 
13 1x13The Fifth 113 P     |edit (unknown) Discuss episode! 
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