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The Middle

2009- Still Running
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Forget about athletes, movie stars and politicians. Parents are the real heroes -- but Frankie Heck (Patricia Heaton), well she's some kind of superhero. A loving wife and mother of three, she's middle class in the middle of the country and is rapidly approaching middle age.

Frankie and her husband, Mike, have lived in Orson, Indiana their whole lives. A man of few words (every one a zinger), Mike is a manager at the town quarry and Frankie is the third-best used car salesman (out of the three) at the local dealership. She may not be a high-powered career woman, but when it comes to her family, she'll go to just about any length. And with kids like these, she had better. There's Axel, her semi-nudist teenage son conceived with Guns N' Roses playing a significant role; Sue, the awkward teenage daughter who fails at everything with great gusto; and their seven-year-old son Brick, whose best friend is his back-pack.
Main Cast
N/AAtticus Shaffer
as Brick Heck [S 1-5]
N/ACharlie McDermott
as Axl Heck [S 1-5]
N/AChris Kattan
as Bob [S 1-2]
N/AEden Sher
as Sue Heck [S 1-5]
N/AMichael Busch
as Kopy Shop worker [S 5]
N/ANeil Flynn
as Mike Heck [S 1-5]
N/APatricia Heaton
as Frankie Heck [S 1-5]
Recurring Cast
Beau Wirick as Sean Donahue [S 1-5] (33)
John Gammon as Darrin [S 1-5] (28)
Blaine Saunders as Carly [S 1-5] (22)
Brock Ciarlelli as Brad Bottig [S 1-5] (22)
Brian Doyle-Murray as Mr. Ehlert [S 1-5] (21)
Jen Ray as Nancy Donahue [S 1-5] (19)
Chris Kattan as Bob [S 1-4] (16)
Jeanette Miller as Aunt Edie [S 1-4] (16)
Katlin Mastandrea as Ashley [S 2-5] (13)
Malcolm Foster Smith as Dave [S 1-5] (11)

Premiered on Network:

Currently airs on: Wednesdays

Genres: Comedy

Language: english  Runtime: 30 mins

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Betty White takes 'Middle' ground
Chris Kattan is a 'Middle' man

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122 6x02The Loneliest Locker        |edit  2014-10-01  Discuss episode! 
123 6x03Major Anxiety        |edit  2014-10-08  Discuss episode! 
124 6x04The Table        |edit  2014-10-22  Discuss episode! 
125 6x05Halloween V        |edit  2014-10-29  Discuss episode! 
126 6x06The Sinkhole        |edit  2014-11-12  Discuss episode! 
127 6x07Thanksgiving VI        |edit  2014-11-19  Discuss episode! 
128 6x08The College Tour        |edit  2014-12-03  Discuss episode! 
129 6x09The Christmas Wall        |edit  2014-12-10  Discuss episode! 
130 6x10Pam Freakin' Staggs        |edit  2015-01-07  Discuss episode! 
131 6x11A Quarry Story        |edit  2015-01-14  Discuss episode! 
132 6x12Hecks on a Train        |edit  2015-02-04  Discuss episode! 
133 6x13Valentine's Day VI        |edit  2015-02-11  Discuss episode! 
134 6x14The Answer        |edit  2015-02-18  Discuss episode! 
135 6x15Steaming Pile of Guilt        |edit  2015-02-25  Discuss episode! 
136 6x16Flirting with Disaster        |edit  2015-03-04  Discuss episode! 
137 6x17The Waiting Game        |edit  2015-03-25  Discuss episode! 
138 6x18Operation Infiltration        |edit  2015-04-01  Discuss episode! 
139 6x19Siblings and Sombreros        |edit  2015-04-08  Discuss episode! 
140 6x20Food Courting        |edit  2015-04-15  Discuss episode! 
141 6x21Two of a Kind        |edit  2015-04-22  Discuss episode! 
142 6x22While You Were Sleeping        |edit  2015-04-29  Discuss episode! 
143 6x23Mother's Day Reservations        |edit  2015-05-06  Discuss episode! 
144 6x24The Graduate        |edit  2015-05-13  Discuss episode! 
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