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The Miracle Workers

2006-2006 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
"The Miracle Workers" are an elite team of physicians who embrace revolutionary medical treatments many never knew existed. Each week, the show will focus on a single patient with a serious medical condition and follow as this dream team of medical professionals changes his or her life forever through treatment. The team will utilize their extraordinary expertise in cutting edge medical technology to restore not only the health but also the hope of the patient. Each episode will feature some of the world's most renowned medical experts performing breakthrough procedures to heal those who need it most, making possible what was previously thought impossible. For individuals who otherwise would never have access to elite medical specialists or the ability to afford costly procedures, "The Miracle Workers" will make possible what was previously thought impossible.

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Genres: Documentary

Language: english


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1x01 - Heritage/Slaughter:
In the pilot, the miracle team focuses on a man that has been blind for 22 years undergoes a treatment that may restore his vision; and a woman suffering from a bone and disc disease is given a medical procedure that may give her an active life once again.
1x02 - Bresler/Keller:
Doctors work to help a four-year-old with a life-shortening condition which prevents him from standing straight, and to cure a young woman with a severe form of Tourette Syndrome. Four-year-old Adrian Keller is a toddler with a seemingly insurmountable infirmity: He has Vater’s Association or Syndrome, which is a life-shortening condition. He has five fused ribs on his left rib cage, which creates a large sized bump on his left chest. His left side is different from his right. The condition  [...] (More)
1x03 - Brown/Valentino:
A housepainter who has lost use of both his arm and his foot and a former Broadway dancer sidelined by osteoarthritis in both hips turn to the medical dream team for help. Lake Worth, FL resident Jack Brown is a fun loving father of five. Early in his career, he lost an arm as a result of being electrocuted on the job. He then switched careers to house painting. On a recent job he slipped from a scaffold and shattered his heel. He has had surgeries on his heel, but is now dependent on a  [...] (More)
1x04 - Lustig/McInnish:
A 60-year-old woman struggling with Parkinson's disease and an 11-year-old boy, blind since birth, turn to the medical team for help with their disabilities
1x05 - Arcila/Benoit:
A woman who has beaten breast cancer twice, but now suffers from a damaged heart because of chemotherapy, and a four-year-old boy who was born missing the left ventricle of his heart get help from the medical dream team.
1x06 - Gibbs:
A father and his stepson, both stricken with brain tumors, turn to the medical team for help.
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Guide available in: english