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Miss Match

2003-2003 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
The series centers on a Los Angeles matrimonial attorney (Alicia Silverstone) who doubles as a high-end matchmaker even though her own love life is less than perfect.

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Genres: Comedy / Drama / Romance

Language: english


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1x01 - Pilot:
Alicia Silverstone stars in this charming drama from Emmy-Award winning executive producer Darren Star and Jeff Rake -- In addition to being a sharp divorce attorney in her father's law firm, Kate Fox has a knack for matchmaking, which she considers a hobby until a socialite bride credits Kate for her romantic success in the press and word of her talent spreads. Soon, to the dismay of her father Jerry and her reluctant legal partner Nick, Kate is juggling the conflicting worlds of divorce and true  [...] (More)
1x02 - Who's Your Daddy?:
Kate decides to take on a pro bono case against the advice of her father Jerry, when Aaron, a struggling musician, seeks their help in determining the paternity of his ex-girlfriend Marla's child after spotting her pushing a baby stroller less than a year after their break-up. Meanwhile, a recently single Kate becomes angry with Laurel after she finds out that Laurel has been dating Michael "the dreamy architect" and David, the local peach vendor, simultaneously. On top of all that, Kate is  [...] (More)
1x03 - Something Nervy:
Charisma Carpenter guest stars as Serena Lockner, a former high school classmate of Kate's who comes to her looking for relationship advice. Kate is hesitant to help her at first because of their history together, but in the end acquiesces after Serena convinces her that she is a changed person, genuinely interested in finding the right person. After one botched attempt and a bit of coaching, Kate sets Serena up with Michael and they, to Kate's surprise they seem to be hitting it off, that is until  [...] (More)
1x04 - Kate in Ex-Tasy:
Kate agrees to help an engaged couple warm their cold feet by setting them up with dates to see what is out there before they go through with their wedding. At first, she sets them up on what she thinks are "safe" dates, mistakenly thinking that this will allow her to stay in control of the situation. Unfortunately, Connie and Scott both decide that they want another date, with a real candidate this time, and things quickly spin out of control. After a date with Nick, Connie realizes that something  [...] (More)
1x05 - I Got You, Babe:
As Halloween approaches, Kate realizes that it doesn't take a holiday to make people pretend to be something they are not. Kate's role in her longtime friend Gabrielle's wedding suddenly shifts from bridesmaid to attorney when her fiancĂ­ calls off the wedding, asks for the ring back and Gabrielle retaliates by suing him for all the wedding costs. Meanwhile, Kate gets a taste of romance when she begins dating Gary whom she meets at Gabrielle's bridal shower, but finds herself an awkward situation  [...] (More)
1x06 - Addicted to Love:
After some tough love from her best friend Victoria, Kate confronts her "love" addiction and tries to set some boundaries between her life and those of her clients. She even tries attending a "love addict" support group only to run into Jarred, the romantic book salesman who she just set up with a client named Rachel who had all but given up on love. Kate's resolve to stay professional in matters of the heart is immediately put to the test when one of her seemingly successful matches, Michael and  [...] (More)
1x07 - Jive Turkey:
As Thanksgiving approaches Kate, is facing major family issues both with her client, rapper Master Z, who is desperate to prevent his ex-wife from taking their two sons to Hawaii for the holiday with her new boyfriend and because her mother Liane and Jerry refuse to be in the same room to share a meal. In the spirit of the holidays, Kate is able to negotiate a truce between her parents, although it means sending Nick to Las Vegas to shuttle her father home, while also inviting Master Z and his posse  [...] (More)
1x08 - The Love Bandit:
When Jerry's old friend and client Judy seeks out Kate's romantic assistance for her daughter Michelle, Kate happily agrees only to finds herself in unknown territory when she learns that Michelle is a lesbian. Meanwhile, Kate is touched when Karl shares his story of becoming a widower and she immediately agrees to help Karl get back out into the dating scene. But when Kate discovers that Karl is a scam artist with a history of using successful women to support his lifestyle, she takes a stand and  [...] (More)
1x09 - Bad Judgment:
After getting over the shock of Michael's ex-girlfriend Lauren joining them for dinner, Kate struggles to get her burgeoning relationship with Michael off on the right foot, only to be placed in an impossible situation when Lauren goes over her head to Jerry to force Kate to choose between Michael and handling Lauren's case. Meanwhile, Kate goes before Judge Blake to try her case against reality TV producer Chuck Webb, whose completely manipulated show "Honeymoon Hotel" humiliated Kate's unwitting  [...] (More)
1x10 - Santa, Baby:
Just when Kate thought that Serena Lockner was out of her life for good, she returns to ask Kate to represent her in adopting a baby. While Kate tries to convince Serena that babies are not the fashion accessories of the month, she is also distracted by Lauren's divorce. A complicated case since she and Michael have to hide their relationship or Kate will lose Lauren as a client. In the meantime, Victoria moonlights as an elf in Santa's workshop at the mall and gets some naughty attention from a  [...] (More)
1x11 - Who's Sari Now?:
Kate Fox is hired by Rashmi, a young Indian woman, to find her a viable suitor so that she can avoid having to marry Sanjay, the man to whom she has been promised to by her parents since the age of six. Kate makes a valiant effort despite the interference of the overbearing Indian matchmaker and the challenge that any suitor must be deemed astrologically compatible, but Rashmi ultimately resigns herself to the arrangement. However, on their wedding day, the perfect candidate presents himself and  [...] (More)
1x12 - All in the Family:
Jerry, Kate and Nick go to a party thrown by Caroline Winters, a wealthy woman who is going through a divorce and whom Jerry wants as a client. Kate meets her son and ends up representing him on another matter but he is also interested in her more than just professionally. Victoria drags Kate to a pole-dancing class apparently as payback for Kate setting her up on a bad date. While there, Kate runs into Kevin and sets him up with Victoria. Vitoria stands up her date (not sure if it is Kevin or a  [...] (More)
1x13 - Miss Communication:
From SpoilerFix.com Kate and Nick attend Colin and Missy's wedding. At the reception, Colin reveals to everyone an incriminating photo of Missy naked in bed with his best man, Randy. After meeting with Kate, Nick and Jerry about the divorce, Colin, who knew about Missy's affair for months and used the wedding as a form of closure, asks Kate for her matchmaking services and Nick to let him stay with him. Adam is staying with Michael and they discuss how Lauren helped screw things up between Kate  [...] (More)
1x14 - The Price of Love:
Kate joins Victoria at a party where she is bartending, only to discover upon her arrival that all the beautiful women around the pool are actually call girls! Nevertheless, one of the girls, Sarah takes Kate up on her offer to help her find a real relationship. Sarah isn't happy with Kate's first choice for her, Barry, opposing council in Kate's latest case, so when she meets Michael, another client of Kate's who happens to be looking for a date for a special event, she takes things into her own  [...] (More)
1x15 - Divorce Happens:
Spoilers courtesy of SpoilerFix.com: Lauren brings Kate up on malpractice charges based on allegations she engaged in an inappropriate relationship with Adam during the trial. Kate is defending Stu Scott, whose wife is accusing of sleeping around and rendering their pre-nuptial agreement null and void. Kate's dad Jerry begins courting a spoiled friend of Kate. Can you guess whom?
1x16 - Forgive and Forget:
Courtesy of SpoilerFix.com Kate represents Karen Barre who's husband Roy disappeared five years ago leaving her alone with a mortgage and newborn child. Roy, who now goes by the name of Bob, claims he has had amnesia for the past five years. Kate continues to fight Lauren's lawsuit who now claims to be pregnant with Adam's child. Lauren then claims that if Adam is not the father, then it could only be Michael insinuating something happened between them at Laguna.
1x17 - Back to School:
Courtesy of SpoilerFix.com Kate attends a high school reunion where she meets Tamara an old classmate who is getting married next year to Henri, a man she fell in love with while in France. We learn that Kate is now single. She notices Dave Hillman, the guy she had a big crush on in high school. Nick also attends the reunion. Jerry and Serena are still seeing each other but Jerry is starting to feel old around her. Tamara asks Kate if she knows of a good immigration lawyer for Henri. Kate wants  [...] (More)
1x18 - Matchmaker Matchmaker:
Courtesy of SpoilerFix.com Kate dreams that she is making love with Adam and then, Michael. Why is she having such dreams? Kate is named one of the L.A. Weekly's top three matchmakers in the city. The others are: Risa Barbeko, 50s, and Daphne, late-20s. All three are gathered for an interview. Daphne and Kate agree to play matchmaker for one another. At a restaurant, Kate notices Michael with a date, Paulette. She tries to slip out unnoticed but ends up smashing into a waiter, making Michael notice  [...] (More)
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