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Modern Family

2009- Still Running
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When the Pritchett-Delgado-Dunphy family agrees to be interviewed by a documentary crew, they have no idea just how much they're about to reveal about themselves. Family patriarch Jay Pritchett met the stunning Columbian Gloria Delgado when she bartended in a bikini at the pool party he threw for himself the day his wife left him. Now Jay and Gloria are married and Jay tries hard to keep up with his much younger and hotter wife and her passionate teenage son, Manny. Jay's daughter, Claire, is having a hard time raising her own family. Her husband Phil is great, except for the fact that he thinks he's "down" with their teenage kids, much to their embarrassment. Claire's brother Mitchell and his enthusiastic partner Cameron have just adopted Lily, a precious little baby girl from Vietnam. But when everyone gets together, things are bound to get awkward. Especially after Claire and Mitchell hilariously bag on everyone else in the family while they change the baby's diaper. Oops! Too bad they forgot about Lily's baby monitor. But that's the thing about family: no matter how badly you behave, hopefully they'll forgive... or maybe even forget. In the tradition of The Office, this engaging new comedy offers a 'mockumentary' view into the complicated, messy, loving life of a modern day super-extended family. Steven Levitan (Just Shoot Me) and Christopher Lloyd (Frasier) invite you into the sometimes warm and sometimes twisted embrace of someone else's family.
Main Cast
N/AAriel Winter
as Alex Dunphy [S 1]
N/AEd O'Neill
as Jay Pritchett [S 1]
N/AEric Stonestreet
as Cameron [S 1]
N/AJesse Tyler Ferguson
as Mitchell Pritchett [S 1]
N/AJulie Bowen
as Claire Dunphy [S 1]
N/ANolan Gould
as Luke Dunphy [S 1]
N/ARico Rodriguez
as Manny Delgado [S 1]
N/ASarah Hyland
as Haley Dunphy [S 1]
N/ASofĂ­a Vergara
as Gloria Delgado-Pritchett [S 1]
N/ATy Burrell
as Phil Dunphy [S 1]

Premiered on Network:

Currently airs on: Wednesdays

Genres: Comedy

Language: english  Runtime: 30 mins

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147 7x03The Closet Case        |edit  2015-10-07  Discuss episode! 
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157 7x13Thunk in the Trunk        |edit  2016-02-17  Discuss episode! 
158 7x14The Storm        |edit  2016-02-24  Discuss episode! 
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