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The O.C.

2003-2007 Ended/Cancelled
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Ensemble drama revolving around the young adult community of the Orange County area. A street-smart teen (McKenzie) winds up in the high-class society of Newport Beach, sparking something of an edgier take on the Melrose Place-esque premise.

Theme song: "California" by Phantom Planet
Main Cast
Buy at Art.comAdam Brody
as Seth Cohen [S 1-4]
N/AAlan Dale
as Caleb Nichol [S 2]
N/AAutumn Reeser
as Taylor Townsend [S 4]
Buy at Art.comBenjamin McKenzie
as Ryan Atwood [S 1-4]
N/AChris Carmack
as Luke Ward [S 1]
N/AKelly Rowan
as Kirsten Cohen [S 1-4]
© NBC Photo: Adam TaylorMelinda Clarke
as Julie Cooper [S 2-4]
Buy at Art.comMischa Barton
as Marissa Cooper [S 1-3]
© Robert Ascroft/USA NetworkPeter Gallagher
as Sanford "Sandy" Cohen [S 1-4]
Buy at Art.comRachel Bilson
as Summer Roberts [S 2-4]
N/ATate Donovan
as Jimmy Cooper [S 1-2]
N/AWilla Holland
as Kaitlin Cooper [S 4]
Recurring Cast
Alan Dale as Caleb Nichol [S 1] (15)
Cam Gigandet as Kevin Volchok [S 3-4] (13)
Michael Nouri as Dr. Neil Roberts [S 3-4] (13)
Navi Rawat as Theresa Diaz [S 1-3] (13)
Olivia Wilde as Alex Kelly [S 2] (13)
Chris Pratt as Che [S 4] (9)
Corey Price as Eric Ward [S 4] (9)
Paula Trickey as Veronica Townsend [S 3-4] (9)
Wayne Dalglish as Brad Ward [S 4] (9)
Jeff Hephner as Matt Ramsey [S 3] (8)

Premiered on Network:

Also known as:
Newport Beach
O.C., California

Genres: Drama

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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The sun sets on “The O.C.”
A Less Sweet 16 for 'The O.C.'

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4x01 - The Avengers:
When THE O.C. returns for its fourth season, the gang is adjusting to life without Marissa Cooper. Summer is attending Brown University in Rhode Island, where she has reinvented herself as a left-leaning, tree-hugging activist under the sway of Che (guest-star Chris Pratt). Ryan has moved out of the Cohen house and is dealing with Marissas death in the only way he knows how, and when he misses a special dinner at the Cohens, Seth finds him on the wrong side of the tracks and calls Summer for help.  [...] (More)
4x02 - The Gringos:
Ryan leaves Orange County to put an end to his turmoil the only way he knows how, but comes up empty on his search. Meanwhile, Seth acts like a jackass and finds some new friends in Mexico who help him find what he is looking for. Kaitlin and Julie are forced by the schools dean to work together on Harbors clothing drive, and Julie is ostracized by the Cohens when they discover what she has been up to. And Taylor drops in unannounced on Summer and the truth comes out as Summer continues separating  [...] (More)
4x03 - The Cold Turkey:
It's Thanksgiving morning at the Cohen house and the family is still dealing with what happened in Mexico. Sandy makes a deal to help Volchok but lets Ryan intervene and finally settle the score. As Summer packs to come home to be with her family and Seth, she wonders if she can deal with Newport. Meanwhile, Julie can't deal with Kaitlin or Dr. Roberts and finds herself alone for most of Thanksgiving.
4x04 - The Metamorphosis:
As Summer tries to return to the celebrity-loving-gossip girl she once was, she realizes that making the trip to Brown may have changed her forever. Fortunately, Seth continues to be supportive of the new Summer through all her endeavors. Similarly, Ryan empathizes with Taylor and surprisingly helps her out of her bind. Meanwhile, Julie and Kaitlin make attempts to stay out of trouble but both cannot resist the temptation to add a little spice to their lives.
4x05 - The Sleeping Beauty:
When Taylor learns that Ryan cant sleep, she comes up with her own therapeutic plan to help him get over his insomnia. Meanwhile at Brown, Summer and Che take their activism to a new level, resulting in more freedom than they expected. Kaitlin, after being served by her own mom in tennis lessons, volleys back at Julie but helps save the dating service. And when all of Taylors schemes backfire, she turns to Kaitlin for help with Ryan and in the end gets her way
4x06 - The Summer Bummer:
When Seth visits Summer at Brown, he finds an empty dorm room, and Sandy and Kirsten find an opportunity to bond with Ryan, who is in a Taylor-induced haze. Kaitlin meets the mean girl of Harbor School and takes her down by throwing a rager at the Roberts house. Meanwhile, Julie Cooper learns that Newmatch is more than a dating service and the truth about Che comes out.
4x07 - The Chrismukk-huh?:
What the? huh? Its Chrismukkah in THE O.C. After Ryan and Taylor have an accident while hanging holiday lights, they realize that everything is not as it seems in The O.C. and they will do whatever it takes to make The O.C. right again.
4x08 - The Earth Girls Are Easy:
Its New Years Eve in The O.C. and Ryan has planned a special surprise road trip for himself and Taylor, but when Summer confronts Seth about not making any plans, Ryans romantic getaway for two is spoiled. Meanwhile, Summers future rests in the hands of a raver, the gang meets on the way to Vegas. And the Bullit asks an old friend to take a look at Julies accounting.
4x09 - The My Two Dads:
Kaitlin fails a class presentation and is forced to work with Will (guest-star Chris Brown), a smart band geek at Harbor. When Kaitlin thinks she can get Will to do her homework for her, he challenges her and sparks fly. Bound by their new commitment, Seth and Summer move forward with their plans, regardless of how they really feel. Meanwhile, Sandy confronts Frank on why hes in Newport and Julie tells Kirsten of Franks true identity. When Frank comes to dinner at the Cohen house.
4x10 - The French Connection:
Taylors ex-husband gets a little too close to home while he is promoting his erotic memoir. After Henri-Michel tells Ryan about Taylors exciting life in France, Ryan questions their relationship. Seth visits Dr. Roberts in Seattle to ask for permission to marry Summer. Meanwhile, Summer reconnects Holly and a vision of her future in Newport. And Kaitlin realizes she likes Will (guest-star Chris Brown), but is concerned he thinks shes too shallow.
4x11 - The Dream Lover:
Che and Seth take a trip to the forest where Che, after a dream, discovers his spirit might be in love with an unexpected someone. After the trip to the forest, Seth and Summer finally speak. Also, Taylor decides that she can no longer speak to Ryan and Julie works her way back into Kirstens life the only way she knows how. Meanwhile, Kaitlin shuts Will.
4x12 - The Groundhog Day:
As the Cohens prepare for Kirstens 40th birthday party, Kirsten gets some news that will change her life forever. Meanwhile, Julie Cooper is having a secret love affair that Kaitlin does all she can to stop. While Ryan acts like he doesnt miss Taylor, Taylor visits a therapist, who gives her some rules to live by. After their plan to save Newport Chuck goes awry, Che finally discovers that Seth is not his soulmate and Sandy and Kirsten have surprises for each other.
4x13 - The Case of the Franks:
While Taylor comes up with a plan to make things right between Ryan and his Dad, Julie continues to move things forward with Bullit. But when Julie and Frank run into each other in front of Ryan and Taylor, their secret is apparent. Meanwhile, after Seth and Summer get a psychic reading, Summer wonders if she and Seth are right for each other. And when Kaitlin discovers that Ryan and Taylor are playing Cupid to get Julie and Frank together, she goes to extreme lengths to get her mom to like Bullit  [...] (More)
4x14 - The Shake Up:
Ryan and Taylor share some special words but did they really mean them? Meanwhile, Kaitlin decides to sabotage Frank and Julies relationship, until her Mom finally notices and makes a change for the better. And Kirsten, for the first time, realizes what Newport society is really all about. Also, Summer encourages Seth to find something he can be passionate about. And as the night comes to a close, an earthquake hits the Southland.
4x15 - The Night Moves:
After the earthquake shakes up Orange County, the gang struggles to make sure everyone is O.K. Although Sandy has told him to stay where he is, Seth will do whatever it takes to be with Ryan and Taylor. And when they finally are reunited, Seth learns what it is really like to be a brother. When Summer and Taylor cant find Pancakes, Taylor finds out that family bonds are greater than she thinks. Meanwhile, the Coopers are stuck in the ice cream shop until they are saved by the only man in Newport  [...] (More)
4x16 - The End's Not Near, It's Here:
Newport Beach has not been the same since the arrival of outsider Ryan Atwood from the other side of the tracks. In the series finale, bid the fondest of farewells and find out what happens to the Cohens, the Coopers and Ryan and Taylor.
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Guide available in: english finnish french german italian