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The Odd Couple

1970-1975 Ended/Cancelled
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Based on the Broadway play by Neil Simon, this tells the story of two mismatched friends, Felix Unger and Oscar Madison. Felix is a neat, tidy, and healthy nut, a photographer at a portrait studio, and a connoisseur of classical music. Because of this, his wife divorced Felix and threw him out of his apartment for good. Desperately in the need of a place to live, he moves in with his longtime childhood friend, Oscar Madison, a sports journalist for the New York Times. What he realizes is that Oscar is the exact opposite of him: sloppy, messy, and doesn't eat the right foods. Felix's cleaning, hygienic tips, and healthiness annoys Oscar while Oscar's crazy world of living like a pig upsets Felix. But in the process they'll learn that love, trust, and friendship are more important than living in different worlds.

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Also known as:
La strana coppia

Genres: Comedy

Language: english


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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
93 5x01The Rain in Spain 100       |edit  1974-09-12  Discuss episode! 
94 5x02To Bowl or Not to Bowl 095       |edit  1974-09-19  Discuss episode! 
95 5x03The Frog 098       |edit  1974-09-26  Discuss episode! 
96 5x04The Hollywood Story 099       |edit  1974-10-03  Discuss episode! 
97 5x05The Dog Story 102       |edit  1974-10-10  Discuss episode! 
98 5x06Strike Up the Band or Else 104       |edit  1974-10-17  Discuss episode! 
99 5x07The Odd Candidate 101       |edit  1974-10-24  Discuss episode! 
100 5x08The Subway Story 105       |edit  1974-10-31  Discuss episode! 
101 5x09The Paul Williams Show 108       |edit  1974-11-07  Discuss episode! 
102 5x10Our Fathers 103       |edit  1974-11-21  Discuss episode! 
103 5x11The Big Broadcast 096       |edit  1974-11-28  Discuss episode! 
104 5x12Oscar in Love 110       |edit  1974-12-12  Discuss episode! 
105 5x13The Bigger They Are 106       |edit  1974-12-14  Discuss episode! 
106 5x14Two on the Aisle 094       |edit  1974-12-19  Discuss episode! 
107 5x15Your Mother Wears Army Boots 114       |edit  1975-01-16  Discuss episode! 
108 5x16Felix the Horse Player 093       |edit  1975-01-23  Discuss episode! 
109 5x17The Rent Strike 107       |edit  1975-01-31  Discuss episode! 
110 5x18Two Men on a Hoarse 112       |edit  1975-02-07  Discuss episode! 
111 5x19The Roy Clark Show 109       |edit  1975-02-14  Discuss episode! 
112 5x20Old Flames Never Die 097       |edit  1975-02-21  Discuss episode! 
113 5x21Laugh, Clown, Laugh 113       |edit  1975-02-28  Discuss episode! 
114 5x22Felix Remarries 111       |edit  1975-03-07  Discuss episode! 
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