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Onion SportsDome

2011-2011 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Sports are finally about to get the attention they deserve, courtesy of The Onion. America's most trusted news source is teaming up with COMEDY CENTRAL to bring viewers the most intense televised sports news program in recorded human history.

Premiered on Network:
Comedy Central in US

Also known as:
The Onion Sports Network

Genres: Comedy

Language: english  Runtime: 30 mins

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1x01 - Episode 1:
Alex Reiser returns from a brief suspension to join his co-anchor Mark Shepard at the big desk, where they take you through the biggest stories, flashiest highlights, and loudest analysis on TV. Prepare for Dome-ination.
1x02 - Episode 2:
Tom Brady suffers a horrific injury at the hands of Coach Belichick, and the Wish Zone team makes a little girl's wish come true. No need to look elsewhere for sports, the Dome is your Home.
1x03 - Episode 3:
When a potential death in the ring makes boxing relevant again SportsDome is there, bringing you live coverage from the historic fight in Las Vegas. Prepare to enter a dimension of sports and more sports: this is SportsDome.
1x04 - Episode 4:
A special Super Bowl intensive SportsDome has the scoop on why the Big Game may be delayed, plus a preview of Jon Daly's new book and news from the world of youth MMA.
1x05 - Episode 5:
A rental truck carrying the Chicago Blackhawks overturns on the highway, Shaq is headed to Dallas, and a preview of new Olympic mascots. If you've recently lost some sports, they are probably in the SportsDome.
1x06 - Episode 6:
Tragedy befalls a racehorse in the prime of its breeding. Pitchers and catchers and everyone else, report to the SportsDome.
1x07 - Episode 7:
A NASCAR driver is caught with a prostitute in his car during the Daytona 500. Spring training may just be starting, but SportsDome is in mid-season form.
1x08 - Episode 8:
Jim Calhoun's in hot water with the NCAA and the NFL launches a massive military offensive against counterfeiters. If you're looking for sports, you've come to the right Dome.
1x09 - Episode 9:
Supreme Court rules that buying a ticket gives fans the right to do whatever the hell they want. No tickets necessary to enter the Dome.
1x10 - Episode 10:
Live from the 2011 OSNY Awards. The SportsDome team splits up to better cover all the excitement, ath-lebrities and hero worship at the biggest sports awards show in the world.
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Guide available in: english