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Peppa Pig

2004-2012 Ended/Cancelled
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Peppa Pig is a children's show that consists of many different, 5 minute, episodes. It revolves around the life of Peppa, a young anthropomorphic girl pig, and her family and friends. Each of her friends is a different species of mammal, each of which has a first name starting with the same letter as the type of animal they are (which is also their surname). Peppa's friends are the same age as her, and Peppa's younger brother George's friend Richard is the same age as him. Episodes tend to feature every day activities such as attending playgroup, going swimming, visiting their grand parents, going to the play ground riding bikes, etc.

The characters all wear clothes, live in houses, and drive cars, but still display some characteristics of the animals on which they are based. Peppa and her family snort like pigs during conversations and also like to jump in muddy puddles. The other animals also make their respective appropriate noises when they talk, with some exhibiting other characteristics, such as the Rabbit family's fixation with carrots. The Rabbits are also the sole exception to the rule of human-like habitation, in that they live in a burrow in a hill, although it does have windows and is furnished in the same way as the other houses. (Wikipedia)

Premiered on Network:
Five in UK

Genres: Animation / Family

Language: english  Runtime: 20 mins

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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
132 4x01Potato City        |edit  2011-05-23  Discuss episode! 
133 4x02The New House        |edit  2011-05-23  Discuss episode! 
134 4x03Basketball        |edit  2011-05-24  Discuss episode! 
135 4x04Horsey Twinkle Toes        |edit  2011-05-24  Discuss episode! 
136 4x05Naughty Tortoise        |edit  2011-05-25  Discuss episode! 
137 4x06Mr Fox's Shop        |edit  2011-05-25  Discuss episode! 
138 4x07Shadows        |edit  2011-05-26  Discuss episode! 
139 4x08International Day        |edit  2011-05-26  Discuss episode! 
140 4x09The Rainy Day Game        |edit  2011-05-27  Discuss episode! 
141 4x10Mummy Rabbit's Bump        |edit  2011-05-27  Discuss episode! 
142 4x11Pedro the Cowboy        |edit  2011-05-30  Discuss episode! 
143 4x12Peppa and George's Garden        |edit  2011-05-30  Discuss episode! 
144 4x13The Flying Vet        |edit  2011-05-31  Discuss episode! 
145 4x14Kylie Kangaroo        |edit  2011-11-09  Discuss episode! 
146 4x15Captain Daddy Dog        |edit  2011-12-16  Discuss episode! 
147 4x16Grampy Rabbit's Dinosaur Park        |edit  2011-12-16  Discuss episode! 
148 4x17"Bedtime Story        |edit  2011-12-19  Discuss episode! 
149 4x18"Lost Keys        |edit  2011-12-19  Discuss episode! 
150 4x19George's New Dinosaur        |edit  2011-12-20  Discuss episode! 
151 4x20Grandpa Pig's Train to the Rescue        |edit  2011-12-20  Discuss episode! 
152 4x21The Pet Competition        |edit  2011-12-21  Discuss episode! 
153 4x22Spider Web        |edit  2011-12-21  Discuss episode! 
154 4x23The Noisy Night        |edit  2011-12-22  Discuss episode! 
155 4x24Wishing Well        |edit  2011-12-22  Discuss episode! 
156 4x25Mr Potato's Xmas Show        |edit  2011-12-23  Discuss episode! 
157 4x26Madame Gazelle's Leaving Party        |edit  2011-12-23  Discuss episode! 
158 4x27The Queen        |edit  2012-06-04  Discuss episode! 
159 4x28Desert Island        |edit  2012-06-05  Discuss episode! 
160 4x29Perfume        |edit  2012-06-06  Discuss episode! 
161 4x30Children's Fete        |edit  2012-06-07  Discuss episode! 
162 4x31The Aquarium        |edit  2012-06-08  Discuss episode! 
163 4x32George's Racing Car        |edit  2012-06-11  Discuss episode! 
164 4x33The Little Boat        |edit  2012-06-12  Discuss episode! 
165 4x34The Sandpit        |edit  2012-06-13  Discuss episode! 
166 4x35Night Animals        |edit  2012-06-14  Discuss episode! 
167 4x36Flying on Holiday        |edit  2012-06-15  Discuss episode! 
168 4x37The Holiday House        |edit  2012-06-18  Discuss episode! 
169 4x38Holiday in the Sun        |edit  2012-06-19  Discuss episode! 
170 4x39End of the Holiday        |edit  2012-06-20  Discuss episode! 
171 4x40Mirrors        |edit  2012-12-12  Discuss episode! 
172 4x41Pedro is Late        |edit  2012-12-13  Discuss episode! 
173 4x42Garden Games        |edit  2012-12-14  Discuss episode! 
174 4x43Going Boating        |edit  2012-12-17  Discuss episode! 
175 4x44Mr Bull in a China Shop        |edit  2012-12-18  Discuss episode! 
176 4x45Fruit        |edit  2012-12-19  Discuss episode! 
177 4x46George's Balloon        |edit  2012-12-20  Discuss episode! 
178 4x47Peppa's Circus        |edit  2012-12-21  Discuss episode! 
179 4x48Fish Pond        |edit  2012-12-24  Discuss episode! 
180 4x49Snowy Mountain        |edit  2012-12-25  Discuss episode! 
181 4x50Grampy Rabbit in Space        |edit  2012-12-26  Discuss episode! 
182 4x51The Olden Days        |edit  2012-12-27  Discuss episode! 
183 4x52Pirate Treasure        |edit  2012-12-28  Discuss episode! 
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