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Pippi Longstocking

1998-1998 Ended/Cancelled
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One of the most loved and recognized characters in children's literature, Pippi Longstocking is the irrepressible and irresistible heroine from the classic books by Astrid Lindgren. Now in full, animated glory, Pippi is still known for her bright red pig tails, face full of freckles and super-human strength. Daughter of Captain Longstocking, Pippi sailed the seven seas, seven times - before she was seven! Having been separated from her dad on the story seas, she now takes care of herself just fine, thank you! She lives her life the way all children wish they could: in charge of her own destiny. So, even though energetic, free-spirited Pippi lives in a house with no parents, she manages to overcome all obstacles that come her way, and always with plenty of humor.

Premiered on Network:
TeleToon in CA

Genres: Animation / Family / Fantasy

Language: english


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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
1x01Pippi Returns to Villa Villekula        |edit  1998-07-04  Discuss episode! 
1x02Pippi Entertains Two Burglars        |edit  1998-07-05  Discuss episode! 
1x03Pippi Doesn't Sell Her House        |edit  1998-07-11  Discuss episode! 
1x04Pippi Goes Up in a Balloon        |edit  1998-07-12  Discuss episode! 
1x05Pippi Goes to the South Seas        |edit  1998-07-18  Discuss episode! 
1x06Pippi Meets Some Pearl Poachers        |edit  1998-07-19  Discuss episode! 
1x07Pippi Goes Home        |edit  1998-07-25  Discuss episode! 
1x08Pippi Enters the Big Race        |edit  1998-07-26  Discuss episode! 
1x09Pippi Enters a Horserace        |edit  1998-08-01  Discuss episode! 
10 1x10Pippi Meets a Master Criminal        |edit  1998-08-02  Discuss episode! 
11 1x11Pippi Is Shipwrecked        |edit  1998-08-08  Discuss episode! 
12 1x12Pippi Saves the Old Folks        |edit  1998-08-09  Discuss episode! 
13 1x13Pippi Goes to the Fair        |edit  1998-08-15  Discuss episode! 
14 1x14Pippi's Christmas        |edit  1998-08-16  Discuss episode! 
15 1x15Pippi Doesn't Want to Grow Up        |edit  1998-08-22  Discuss episode! 
16 1x16Pippi Doesn't Want to Go to School        |edit  1998-08-23  Discuss episode! 
17 1x17Pippi Goes Up North        |edit  1998-08-29  Discuss episode! 
18 1x18Pippi Saves the Whales        |edit  1998-08-30  Discuss episode! 
19 1x19Pippi Doesn't Go to School...Does She        |edit  1998-09-05  Discuss episode! 
20 1x20Pippi Trains Some Animals        |edit  1998-09-06  Discuss episode! 
21 1x21Pippi Meets the White Lady        |edit  1998-09-12  Discuss episode! 
22 1x22Pippi Finds a Mysterious Footprint        |edit  1998-09-13  Discuss episode! 
23 1x23Pippi Enters a Flower Show        |edit  1998-09-19  Discuss episode! 
24 1x24Pippi Visits Aunt Matilsa        |edit  1998-09-20  Discuss episode! 
25 1x25Pippi and the Carpenter        |edit  1998-09-26  Discuss episode! 
26 1x26Pippi Takes a Train Ride        |edit  1998-09-27  Discuss episode! 
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