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The Real Housewives of Miami

2011- Fate To Be Determined
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Show Summary
The newest series of the Housewives franchise adds a unique flavor as the show goes inside this cultural hot spot. The Real Housewives of Miami follows six of the most connected and influential women of Miami as they live their lives to the fullest in this sunny city where the party never stops.

Premiered on Network:
Bravo in US

Genres: Reality-TV

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
26 3x01Til Lies Do Us Part        |edit 2013-08-12  Discuss episode! 
27 3x02Hurricane Adriana        |edit 2013-08-19  Discuss episode! 
28 3x03Booby-Trapped        |edit 2013-08-26  Discuss episode! 
29 3x04Black Magic        |edit 2013-09-02  Discuss episode! 
30 3x05A Cause for Concern        |edit 2013-09-09  Discuss episode! 
31 3x06A Ple-Thora of Lies        |edit 2013-09-16  Discuss episode! 
32 3x07La La Land        |edit 2013-09-23  Discuss episode! 
33 3x08Mama Elsa Comes Home        |edit 2013-09-30  Discuss episode! 
34 3x09Birkin Buddies        |edit 2013-10-07  Discuss episode! 
35 3x10Brazilian Bridezilla        |edit 2013-10-14  Discuss episode! 
36 3x11The Black Sheep        |edit 2013-10-21  Discuss episode! 
37 3x12Bridesmaid Breakdown        |edit 2013-10-28  Discuss episode! 
38 3x13Blame It on the Alcohol        |edit 2013-11-03  Discuss episode! 
39 3x14Mrs. Zago        |edit 2013-11-04  Discuss episode! 
40 3x15Reunion (Part 1)        |edit 2013-11-11  Discuss episode! 
41 3x16Reunion (Part 2)        |edit 2013-11-18  Discuss episode! 
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