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2007-2009 Ended/Cancelled
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For the first 20 years of his life, Sam (Bret Harrison, "The Loop," "Grounded for Life") wondered why his parents went so easy on him. Whether it was school, sports or career choices, Sam's mom (Allison Hossack, "Falcon Beach") and dad (Andrew Airlie, "The L Word") always let him get by with the least possible effort, while at the same time pressuring his younger brother Keith (Kyle Switzer, "15/Love") to excel. As a result, Sam skipped college, took a dead-end job and now wastes endless hours playing video games and wishing he had the guts to ask out his pretty co-worker, Andi (Missy Peregrym; Nikki Reed in the promotional pilot). Everything in his slacker world changes the day Sam turns 21 and discovers the ungodly reason his parents let him slide: they sold his soul to the devil before he was born. Satan himself (Ray Wise, "24," "The Closer") drops by to personally explain that Sam must now serve as his bounty hunter, tracking down evil souls that have escaped and returning them to Hell. At first, Sam refuses to accept his bizarre fate, but after getting just a glimpse of Satan's temper, Sam realizes that breaking a deal with the devil has consequences that are very, very bad. Armed with a constantly changing series of vessels, starting with a Dirt Devil mini-vacuum to collect the escapees, Sam immediately finds that the work is dangerous and frightening, even with the goofball help of his friends and fellow slackers, Bert "Sock" Wysocki (Tyler Labine, "Boston Legal," "Invasion") and Ben (Rick Gonzalez, "Coach Carter"), along with Sock's former-girlfriend-turned-paralegal, Josie (Valarie Rae Miller, "Dark Angel"). Still, as weird and scary as his life has become, Sam is surprised to find that he somehow feels good about his newfound "mission" removing evil-doers from the world and sending them back where they belong. With his friends and his trusty vessel-of-the-week at his side, Sam is ready to face his destiny as the Reaper.
Main Cast
N/AAndrew Airlie
as Mr. Oliver [S 1]
N/ABret Harrison
as Sam Oliver [S 1]
N/ADonavon Stinson
as Ted [S 1]
N/AMissy Peregrym
as Andi [S 1]
N/ARay Wise
as The Devil [S 1]
N/ARick Gonzalez
as Ben [S 1]
N/ATyler Labine
as Bert "Sock" Wysocki [S 1]
N/AValarie Rae Miller
as Josie [S 1]

Premiered on Network:
The CW in US

Also known as:
In missione per il Diavolo
Reaper - Ein teuflischer Job
The Reaper
Le diable et moi
Reaper - Um Trabalho Infernal

Genres: Drama

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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Renewal looking unlikely for Reaper

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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
19 2x01A New Hope  PDW   |edit  2009-03-03  Discuss episode! 
20 2x02Dirty Sexy Mongol  PDW   |edit  2009-03-10  Discuss episode! 
21 2x03The Sweet Science  PDW   |edit  2009-03-17  Discuss episode! 
22 2x04The Favorite  PDW   |edit  2009-03-24  Discuss episode! 
23 2x05I Want My Baby Back  PDW   |edit  2009-03-31  Discuss episode! 
24 2x06Underbelly  PDW   |edit  2009-04-07  Discuss episode! 
25 2x07The Good Soil  PDW   |edit  2009-04-14  Discuss episode! 
26 2x08The Home Stretch  PDW   |edit  2009-04-21  Discuss episode! 
27 2x09No Reaper Left Behind  PDW   |edit  2009-04-28  Discuss episode! 
28 2x10My Brother's Reaper  PDW   |edit  2009-05-05  Discuss episode! 
29 2x11To Sprong, With Love  PDW   |edit  2009-05-12  Discuss episode! 
30 2x12Business Casualty  PDW   |edit  2009-05-19  Discuss episode! 
31 2x13The Devil and Sam Oliver  PDW  N|edit  2009-05-26  2 Comments 
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