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The Ride: Seven Days to End AIDS

2006-2006 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Follow the stories of a diverse group of cyclists taking part in the seven-day, 585-mile race AIDS/Lifecycle 4 annual race, as they struggle in the fight against HIV and AIDS. This reality/documentary series offers an in-depth look at some of this year's participants, the reasons they've chosen to undertake this challenge, and the important and inspirational people in their lives who serve as their inspiration.

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Also known as:
The Ride

Genres: Mini / Reality-TV

Language: english


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1x01 - Opening Ceremonies (Part 1):
(No plot available)
1x02 - Opening Ceremonies (2):
(No plot available)
1x03 - The Evil Twins:
Caroline reveals how she contracted HIV and the decisions she made dealing with it while Dan struggles to come to terms with whether he should keep his HIV status a secret from his co-workers. Nathan, physically and emotionally exhausted, must decide whether to continue the ride.
1x04 - Red Dress Day:
Ric transforms into drag cheerleader Ginger Brewlay and shares his tales from the years on the ride and the history of "Red Dress Day." Meanwhile, the strain of the ride is putting Carolyn and April's relationship to the test.
1x05 - The Candlelight Vigil:
Nearing the end of the ride, the cyclists already begin to feel the pangs of separation from the community that has allowed them to open up their hearts and share their stories. Caroline discovers that she suffers from a medical complication while Cher reexamines her life and marriage.
1x06 - Closing Ceremonies:
The cyclists must conquer the last stretch of the ride to reach the finish line where their family and friends wait for them. They share their sentiments about how their lives are forever changed from the physical and emotional challenges they faced during their journey.
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Guide available in: english