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1991-1994 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Roc Emerson, a city garbage collector, balances the pressures of work with the everyday crises of family life in an effort to do what he thinks is best for his wife and kids. Most of the episodes were fairly typical sit-com storylines, but occasionally more serious topics, such as racism, were dealt with.

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Genres: Comedy

Language: english


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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
51 3x01Sheila in the House        |edit  1993-08-31  Discuss episode! 
52 3x02The Garbageman's Apprentice        |edit  1993-09-07  Discuss episode! 
53 3x03The Poker Hand That Rocks the Cradle        |edit  1993-09-14  Discuss episode! 
54 3x04Joey the Bartender        |edit  1993-09-21  Discuss episode! 
55 3x05Crime and Punishment        |edit  1993-09-28  Discuss episode! 
56 3x06Labor Intensive        |edit  1993-10-05  Discuss episode! 
57 3x07Unforgiven        |edit  1993-10-12  Discuss episode! 
58 3x08R.E.S.P.E.C.T.        |edit  1993-10-19  Discuss episode! 
59 3x09The Graduate        |edit  1993-11-02  Discuss episode! 
60 3x10Final Analysis        |edit  1993-11-09  Discuss episode! 
61 3x11He Ain't Heavy, He's My Father        |edit  1993-11-16  Discuss episode! 
62 3x12God Bless the Child        |edit  1993-11-23  Discuss episode! 
63 3x13Shove It up Your Asprin        |edit  1993-12-07  Discuss episode! 
64 3x14Terence Got His Gun  P  C  |edit  1994-01-04  Discuss episode! 
65 3x15Citizen Roc (Part 1)        |edit  1994-01-11  Discuss episode! 
66 3x16Citizen Roc (2)        |edit  1994-01-18  Discuss episode! 
67 3x17No Place Like a Home        |edit  1994-02-01  Discuss episode! 
68 3x18The Concert        |edit  1994-02-08  Discuss episode! 
69 3x19The Last Temptation of Roc        |edit  1994-02-15  Discuss episode! 
70 3x20Brothers        |edit  1994-04-05  Discuss episode! 
71 3x21Emerson vs. Emerson        |edit  1994-05-03  Discuss episode! 
72 3x22You Shouldn't Have to Lie        |edit  1994-05-10  Discuss episode! 
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