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The Rosie Show

2011-2012 Ended/Cancelled
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Show Summary
Nearly ten years after her talk show ended—and three years after her short-lived stint on The View—Rosie O'Donnell is stepping back into the spotlight.

On October 10, 2011, Rosie makes her return to TV with The Rosie Show. There will be singing, dancing, laughing and conversations you won't want to miss!

Premiered on Network:
OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) in US

Genres: Talk-Show

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins

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Rosie O'Donnell show axed by Oprah Winfrey

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#Ep. No.Episode Title Prod # Available InfoiTunes DL Broadcast  Comments 
1x01Russell Brand        |edit  2011-10-10  Discuss episode! 
1x02Wanda Sykes and Gloria Estefan        |edit  2011-10-11  Discuss episode! 
1x03Roseanne Barr        |edit  2011-10-12  Discuss episode! 
1x04Lisa Kudrow and the cast of Priscilla Queen of the Desert        |edit  2011-10-13  Discuss episode! 
1x05Valerie Harper and Kevin Bacon and the Bacon Brothers        |edit  2011-10-14  Discuss episode! 
1x06Sharon and Kelly Osbourne and Boyz II Men        |edit  2011-10-17  Discuss episode! 
1x07Cheryl Hines and Fran Drescher        |edit  2011-10-18  Discuss episode! 
1x08Chynna Phillips, Billy Baldwin and Little Big Town        |edit  2011-10-19  Discuss episode! 
1x09Cedric the Entertainer and Nancy Grace        |edit  2011-10-20  Discuss episode! 
10 1x10Behind the Scenes of The Rosie Show        |edit  2011-10-21  Discuss episode! 
11 1x11Bob Newhart and Tracy Morgan        |edit  2011-10-24  Discuss episode! 
12 1x12Sara Ramirez, Common        |edit  2011-10-25  Discuss episode! 
13 1x13Brett Butler        |edit  2011-10-26  Discuss episode! 
14 1x14Debi Mazar        |edit  2011-10-27  Discuss episode! 
15 1x15Jerry Ferrara, Gloria Estefan        |edit  2011-10-28  Discuss episode! 
16 1x16Rosie's Enchanted Halloween        |edit  2011-10-31  Discuss episode! 
17 1x17Sarah Ferguson        |edit  2011-11-01  Discuss episode! 
18 1x18A Tribute to Phyllis Diller        |edit  2011-11-02  Discuss episode! 
19 1x19Martin Short and Kim Zimmer        |edit  2011-11-03  Discuss episode! 
20 1x20The Rosie Reality Show        |edit  2011-11-04  Discuss episode! 
21 1x21Salma Hayek and Antonio Banderas        |edit  2011-11-07  Discuss episode! 
22 1x22Cyndi Lauper and the Ready, Set, Go Reveal        |edit  2011-11-08  Discuss episode! 
23 1x23100 Sets of Twins with Lisa Ling        |edit  2011-11-09  Discuss episode! 
24 1x24Marlee Matlin and Patti LaBelle        |edit  2011-11-10  Discuss episode! 
25 1x25Florence Henderson and Kool & The Gang        |edit  2011-11-11  Discuss episode! 
26 1x26Rachael Ray and Chaz Bono        |edit  2011-11-14  Discuss episode! 
27 1x27Molly Shannon        |edit  2011-11-15  Discuss episode! 
28 1x28Florence Henderson        |edit  2011-11-16  Discuss episode! 
29 1x29Rosie's Twinz-a-Palooza        |edit  2011-11-17  Discuss episode! 
30 1x30Mariah Carey        |edit  2011-11-18  Discuss episode! 
31 1x31Sharon and Kelly Osbourne        |edit  2011-11-21  Discuss episode! 
32 1x32Ellen Barkin        |edit  2011-11-22  Discuss episode! 
33 1x33Kody Brown and Sister Wives Meri, Janelle and Christine        |edit  2011-11-23  Discuss episode! 
34 1x34Rosie Show Recipes        |edit  2011-11-24  Discuss episode! 
35 1x35Behind the Scenes        |edit  2011-11-25  Discuss episode! 
36 1x36Marlee Matlin, Patti LaBelle        |edit  2011-12-05  Discuss episode! 
37 1x37Rosie Plays Hardball with Chris Matthews, the cast of Million Dollar Quartet        |edit  2011-12-06  Discuss episode! 
38 1x38Rosie Reality with Jim Belushi, Randy Jackson, Henry Winkler, Joan Cusack, Ann Cusack, Nolan Gould and Behind-the-Scenes of "The Rosie Show" #3        |edit  2011-12-07  Discuss episode! 
39 1x39Hollywood's Hottest Young Stars with Elle Fanning, Colin Ford, Hunter Parrish, the cast of Godspell        |edit  2011-12-08  Discuss episode! 
40 1x40Dog the Bounty Hunter, Beth Chapman        |edit  2011-12-09  Discuss episode! 
41 1x41A Tribute to Jane Fonda        |edit  2011-12-12  Discuss episode! 
42 1x42Holiday Crafts with Donny and Marie Osmond        |edit  2011-12-13  Discuss episode! 
43 1x43Rosie's Holiday Dreams Come True with Justin Bieber        |edit  2011-12-14  Discuss episode! 
44 1x44Rosie's Comedy Year in Review        |edit  2011-12-15  Discuss episode! 
45 1x45It's a Crafty Christmas!        |edit  2011-12-16  Discuss episode! 
46 1x46A Salute to Penny Marshall        |edit  2012-01-02  Discuss episode! 
47 1x47An 11-Year-Old Boy's Dreams Come True        |edit  2012-01-03  Discuss episode! 
48 1x48Rosie Reality: A Big Dream Comes True / 4th Behind the Scenes show        |edit  2012-01-04  Discuss episode! 
49 1x49Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy, and the cast of Shameless        |edit  2012-01-05  Discuss episode! 
50 1x50Rosie's Game Show Showdown        |edit  2012-01-09  Discuss episode! 
51 1x51SNL Star Darrell Hammond: The Interview You Didn't See        |edit  2012-01-10  Discuss episode! 
52 1x52Jackée Harry and Rosie Performs with Styx        |edit  2012-01-11  Discuss episode! 
53 1x53Funnyman Louis Anderson and Olympian Oksana Baiul        |edit  2012-01-12  Discuss episode! 
54 1x54Country Music Royalty Roseanne Cash        |edit  2012-01-13  Discuss episode! 
55 1x55Miranda Cosgrove and the Cast of iCarly        |edit  2012-01-16  Discuss episode! 
56 1x56NeNe Leakes        |edit  2012-01-17  Discuss episode! 
57 1x57Ricki Lake        |edit  2012-01-18  Discuss episode! 
58 1x58Kevin Hart        |edit  2012-01-19  Discuss episode! 
59 1x59Anthony Baxter        |edit  2012-01-20  Discuss episode! 
60 1x60Kathy Griffin        |edit  2012-01-23  Discuss episode! 
61 1x61Dr. Mehmet Oz        |edit  2012-01-24  Discuss episode! 
62 1x62Joe Rogan        |edit  2012-01-26  Discuss episode! 
63 1x63Joel Grey, Sutton Foster, the Broadway cast of "Anything Goes"        |edit  2012-01-27  Discuss episode! 
64 1x64Dr. Oz, Part 2        |edit  2012-01-30  Discuss episode! 
65 1x65Dermot Mulroney        |edit  2012-01-31  Discuss episode! 
66 1x66Jerry Springer        |edit  2012-02-01  Discuss episode! 
67 1x67Kristin Chenoweth        |edit  2012-02-02  Discuss episode! 
68 1x68Beth Behrs, Traci Lords        |edit  2012-02-03  Discuss episode! 
69 1x69Suze Orman        |edit  2012-02-06  Discuss episode! 
70 1x70Kendra Wilkinson, Hank Baskett        |edit  2012-02-07  Discuss episode! 
71 1x71Chelsea Handler        |edit  2012-02-08  Discuss episode! 
72 1x72Ali Wentworth        |edit  2012-02-09  Discuss episode! 
73 1x73Tabatha Coffey and American Stuffers        |edit  2012-02-10  Discuss episode! 
74 1x74Tony Bennett        |edit  2012-02-13  Discuss episode! 
75 1x75Dance Moms        |edit  2012-02-27  Discuss episode! 
76 1x76Tony Danza and Joe Pantoliano        |edit  2012-02-28  Discuss episode! 
77 1x77Patti Blagojevich and Chris Errera        |edit  2012-02-29  Discuss episode! 
78 1x78Teen Moms        |edit  2012-03-01  Discuss episode! 
79 1x79Audra McDonald and Norm Lewis of Porgy and Bess        |edit  2012-03-02  Discuss episode! 
80 1x80Rosie's Reality        |edit  2012-03-05  Discuss episode! 
81 1x81Sandra Bernhard and Rocco DiSpirito        |edit  2012-03-06  Discuss episode! 
82 1x82Star Jones        |edit  2012-03-07  Discuss episode! 
83 1x83Wayne Brady and Victoria Gotti        |edit  2012-03-08  Discuss episode! 
84 1x84Controversial Newsmakers        |edit  2012-03-09  Discuss episode! 
85 1x85Liza Minnelli        |edit  2012-03-12  Discuss episode! 
86 1x86Lance Bass and Ralphie May        |edit  2012-03-13  Discuss episode! 
87 1x87Suzanne Somers        |edit  2012-03-14  Discuss episode! 
88 1x88Debbie Gibson and Jaleel White        |edit  2012-03-15  Discuss episode! 
89 1x89Kat Von D and Zachary Knighton        |edit  2012-03-16  Discuss episode! 
90 1x90Lily Tomlin        |edit  2012-03-19  Discuss episode! 
91 1x91Bob Harper & Rebecca Rosen        |edit  2012-03-20  Discuss episode! 
92 1x92Rosie's 50th Celebrity Birthday Bash        |edit  2012-03-21  Discuss episode! 
93 1x93Mike Tyson        |edit  2012-03-22  Discuss episode! 
94 1x94Stephen Baldwin and Rachel Harris        |edit  2012-03-23  Discuss episode! 
95 1x95Leslie Bibb and Natasha Lyonne        |edit  2012-03-26  Discuss episode! 
96 1x96Storm Large, Mary Johnson and Nell Casey        |edit  2012-03-27  Discuss episode! 
97 1x97Mackenzie Philips and Jeff Lewis        |edit  2012-03-28  Discuss episode! 
98 1x98Eva La Rue and Suzanne Taylor        |edit  2012-03-29  Discuss episode! 
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