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Seven Wonders of the Industrial World

2003-2003 Ended/Cancelled
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BBC TWO presents a ground-breaking drama documentary series which tells the story of how our modern world was forged – in rivets, grease and steam; in blood, sweat and human imagination.

Narrated by Robert Lindsay, Seven Wonders Of The Industrial World recreates the epic monuments of the industrial revolution from Brunel's extraordinary ship, the Great Eastern, the Titanic of its day that helped to bridge the two ends of the empire, to the Panama Canal which linked the Atlantic and Pacific oceans half a century later.

The seven wonders featured are: the SS Great Eastern, the Transcontinental Railway, the London Sewers, the Bell Rock Lighthouse, Brooklyn Bridge, the Panama Canal and the Hoover Dam.
Main Cast
N/ARobert Lindsay
as (narrator) (voice) [S 1]

Premiered on Network:
BBC-2 in UK

Genres: Drama / History

Language: english  Runtime: 60 mins


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ArtistAlbumSong TitleStart/Stop Scene 
1x01 - The Great Ship:
(None known)     
1x02 - Brooklyn Bridge:
(None known)     
1x03 - Bell Rock Lighthouse:
(None known)     
1x04 - Transcontinental Railway:
(None known)     
1x05 - London Sewers:
(None known)     
1x06 - The Panama Canal:
(None known)     
1x07 - The Hoover Dam:
(None known)     
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